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5 November 2019


Dr. Geoffrey Mann

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YOUNG Family Summary

18-19C Kirtlington OXF




5 William YOUNG c1773-1862

  m Frances BAYLIS 1806 Kirtlington





4 Thomas YOUNG 1812-1908

  m Rebecca SOANES 1840 Kirtlington





3 Frances Rebecca YOUNG 1857-1925

  m Francis MANSFIELD 1877 Kirtlington



Although YOUNGs are recorded in Kirtlington from the early 17th century, the earliest proven ancestor is William, born about 1773.


William was a butcher and remained in Kirtlington or neighbouring Bletchingdon all his life.  His gravestone still stands in the churchyard.


His son Thomas became a stronemason and also remained in the village, but Thomas's youngest daughter moved to London and there met Frank MANSFIELD newly home from the sea.  They were married in Kirtlington but returned to Bethnal Green.








BADGER George                   1729 Bletchingdon OXF            YounTBn   YOUNG Mary

BAYLIS Frances             15Oct1806 Kirtlington OXF             YounT0    YOUNG William

BELL Thomas                     1728 Bletchingdon OXF            YounTBn   YOUNG Mary

BENHAM Dorothy                  1758 (bond)                      YounTK    YOUNG Thomas

BENTLEY Alice              15Apr1616 Kirtlington OXF             YounTK    YOUNG Nicholas

BLEA Anne                       1730 (bond)                      YounTK    YOUNG Thomas

BUDSEY Thomas               2Jul1874 Chelsea St Luke MDX         YounT0    YOUNG Martha

BULL Margaret              18May1648 Oxford St Mary Magd. OXF    YounTK    YOUNG Richard

BURTON G                    6Sep1915                             YounT0    YOUNG Elizabeth Lydia

BUTLER Amy                 22Dec1794 Beckley OXF                 YounTK    YOUNG Richard

COSIER Elizabeth           20Apr1713 Oxford St MM OXF            YounTBn   YOUNG Thomas

DENNET Mary                17Aug1702 Oxford St John OXF          YounTBn   YOUNG Richard

DOWSON Rebeccah (wid) [1]   4Jun1840 Kirtlington OXF             YounT0    YOUNG Thomas

HALL Jane                  30Dec1624 Oxford St Peter East OXF    YounTK    YOUNG Thomas

HUGGINS Samuel                 c1790?                            YounTK    YOUNG Mary

LAMBOURN Lydia             21Jan1739 Bletchingdon OXF            YounTBn   YOUNG Joseph

LOVE Henry                      1623 Oxford St Giles OXF         YounTK    YOUNG Mary

MADDER J                   23Sep1916                             YounT0    YOUNG Ella Annie

MANSFIELD Francis          18Jun1877 Kirtlington OXF             YounT0    YOUNG Frances Rebecca

POWELL John                18Feb1798 Kirtlington OXF             YounTK    YOUNG Ann

RAYER Richard              23Apr1628 Kirtlington OXF             YounTK    YOUNG Jane wid (HALL)

ROBARDS Elizabeth           3Nov1734 (bond)                      YounTBn   YOUNG Richard

ROGERS Thomas              16Jan1797 Kirtlington OXF             YounTK    YOUNG Elizabeth

SLATTER John               23Sep1619 Bladon OXF                  YounTK    YOUNG Margaret

SYMONS Alice               23Jun1697 Kirtlington OXF             YounTK    YOUNG William

WAKEFIELD Thomas           30May1635 Kirtlington OXF             YounTK    YOUNG Joane

WAKEFIELD Hannah           16Aug1762 Kirtlington OXF             YounTK    YOUNG Richard

WARLAND Mary                    1702 Bletchingdon OXF            YounTBn   YOUNG William

WITTNEY Mary                    1620 Oxford St Giles OXF         YounTK    YOUNG Jeffery


[1]  formerly SOANES; married Wlliam DOWSON 19Dec1836 Stanton St John OXF