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23 January 2018



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WRIGHT Family Summary

17-19C, Mousehole, Cornwall


with family trees T0, T0A, T0X, T4, T5, T5A, T6, T7A, T7B, T8



The earliest parish register record of the WRIGHT family at Mousehole is the marriage of Martin in 1607.  But by the time of the 1851 census there were nearly 100 individuals of that name in the parish.  


Family trees for this family in the parish have been constructed, all descended from the 1607 marriage of Martin.  The tree is based solely on plausible interpretations of the parish register and the 41, 51 and 61 census.  It is almost inevitable that this tree contains errors, particularly as some names such as Martin and John recur frequently.  The reasoning behind the assumptions made in creating the tree are given in a data file


It was also assumed that the family was not augmented by WRIGHTs from other parishes.  This of course may not be true, but it is noteworthy that only four WRIGHT individuals in the 1851 census were not born in the parish, and only one of these was a head of household.  He was not included in the tree.


Almost all men in Mousehole became fishermen, but this can be confirmed from census and parish data only from the late 18thC, and in the WRIGHT family below, only from John (6) and Richard (5).  They nearly all married, baptised their children, and were buried in the parish church of Paul.



                     11 Marten WRIGHT bc1580-1620

                        m Nowea (Norah) 1607 Paul



                     10 John WRIGHT 1613-1646

                        m Faith 1635 Paul


     |                                          |

   9 Martin WRIGHT c1637-1711                   John WRIGHT 1647-?

     m Margaret 1663 Paul                       m ?

     |                                          |                    

     |                                          |                       

   8 Marten WRIGHT 1673-1753/4                  John WRIGHT 1666-?

     m Elizabeth JAMES 1700 Madron              m Jone CRANKAN 1700 Paul

     |                                          |                       

     |                                          |                     

   7 Martin WRIGHT 1711-1746                    John WRIGHT 1704-?

     m Mary PEARCE 1733 Paul                    m Clarinda CHERGWIN 1740 Paul

     |_______________________                   |

     |                       |                  |

   6 Martin WRIGHT 1736-? 6A Elizabeth WRIGHT-m-John WRIGHT 1743-1825 fisherman

     m Anne ROBERTS          1745-1828        | m 1769 Paul

     | 1764 Madron                            |                      

     |                                        |               

   5 Richard WRIGHT 1767-1841 fisherman    5A Jane WRIGHT 1776-1858

     m Mary HARRY1792 Paul                   m Richard TREWAVAS 1801 Paul

     |                                        |                         

     |                                        |                     

   4 John WRIGHT 1800-1880 fisherman---m------Jane TREWAVAS 1810-1887

     m 1830 Paul                       |      m 1830 Paul


                                     3 Jane WRIGHT 1837-1921

                                       m Henry BLEWETT 1860 Paul











BEADEN Margaret            23Dec1796 Paul CON    WrigT5A WRIGHT John

BLEWETT Henry               8Sep1860 Paul CON    WrigT0  WRIGHT Jane

BOYENS Elizabeth Ellis      6Feb1831 Paul CON    WrigT4  WRIGHT Charles

CAREY Temperance           17Nov1804 Paul CON    WrigT5  WRIGHT Martin

CARVASOE Jane              19Mar1805 Paul CON    WrigT7B WRIGHT John

CARVASOE Phillis           19Jny1807 Paul CON    WrigT5A WRIGHT James

CHERGWIN Clarinda          17Jny1740 Paul CON    WrigT0  WRIGHT John

COTTON William             28Dec1836 Paul CON    WrigT6  WRIGHT Betsey Harvey

CRANKAN Jone               17Feb1700 Paul CON    WrigT0  WRIGHT John

CRANKAN Mary                7Oct1731 Paul CON    WrigT7B WRIGHT Martin

CRANKAN Robert             30Dec1734 Paul CON    WrigT8  WRIGHT Archan

CROCKER Mary               26Oct1834 Paul CON    WrigT4  WRIGHT Benjamin

CURNOW Grace                7Oct1854 Madron CON  WrigT7A WRIGHT Isaac

EDWARD Christina           22Dec1825 Paul CON    WrigT7A WRIGHT Isaac

FRANCIS John                5Sep1830 Paul CON    WrigT7A WRIGHT Mary

HAMMILL Ruth                8Sep1833 Paul CON    WrigT7A WRIGHT Philip

HARRY Mary                 15Jny1792 Paul CON    WrigT0  WRIGHT Richard

HARVEY Elizabeth           29Oct1804 Paul CON    WrigT6  WRIGHT Martin

HARVEY Henry               27Jul1817 Paul CON    WrigT5  WRIGHT English

HARVEY Robert              27Sep1851 Paul CON    WrigT5  WRIGHT Grace Treeve

HILL Elizabeth Stevens     27Feb1805 Paul CON    WrigT6  WRIGHT Alfred

JAMES Elizabeth             3Oct1700 Madron CON  WrigT0  WRIGHT Marten

JAMES Mary Ann             31Aug1832 Paul CON    WrigT6  WRIGHT Joseph

JASPER Ann                  6Nov1831 Paul CON    WrigT7B WRIGHT John

JASPER Mary                23Jun1776 Paul CON    WrigT7B WRIGHT Jacob

JOHNS Margaret             14Apr1816 Paul CON    WrigT4  WRIGHT Richard

JOHNS Prudence             20Aug1775 Paul CON    WrigT6  WRIGHT Richard

JOHNS Ruth                 30Apr1753 Paul CON    WrigT7B WRIGHT John

MADDRAN Phillis             5Aug1792 Paul CON    WrigT7A WRIGHT William

MANN Clara Jane                c1870             WrigT0  WRIGHT Richard Trewavas

MANN Priscilla             15Jul1815 Paul CON    WrigT6  WRIGHT Charles

MANN Rebecca               13Sep1825 Paul CON    WrigT5  WRIGHT Henry

PEARCE Mary                28Mar1733 Paul CON    WrigT0  WRIGHT Martin

PENTREATH Amelia           25Mar1828 Paul CON    WrigT5A WRIGHT John

PENTREATH Ann              17Feb1765 Paul CON    WrigT7A WRIGHT William

PENTREATH Elizabeth        31Oct1730 Paul CON    WrigT7A WRIGHT Isaac

PENTREATH Johanna           2Oct1797 Paul CON    WrigT6  WRIGHT Richard  

PENTREATH Mary              1Jny1791 Paul CON    WrigT7B WRIGHT Thomas

PENTREATH Mary             17Sep1764 Paul CON    WrigT7A WRIGHT Isaac

PENTREATH Mary             19Feb1833 Paul CON    WrigT5A WRIGHT James

POLLARD Mary               14Jun1791 Paul CON    WrigT7A WRIGHT Isaac

RICHARDS Thomas            24Jny1836 Paul CON    WrigT6  WRIGHT Prudence

ROBERTS Anne               14May1764 Madron CON  WrigT0  WRIGHT Martin

ROUFFIGNAC Sally (widow)   21Aug1831 Paul CON    WrigT5  WRIGHT Martin

ROUSE Arabella             22Nov1835 Paul CON    WrigT5A WRIGHT Joseph

SIMMONS Elizabeth          12May1800 Paul CON    WrigT7A WRIGHT Nicholas

SOADY Joseph                4Mar1817 Paul CON    WrigT7B WRIGHT Florence Yeaman

TONKIN Jane                12Apr1738 Madron CON  WrigT0  WRIGHT John

TREEVE Grace               16Jul1791 Paul CON    WrigT5  WRIGHT Martin

TRENERRY Jane              27Jul1833 Madron CON  WrigT7A WRIGHT John   

TREWAVAS Elizabeth          7Jul1781 Paul CON    WrigT6  WRIGHT Michael

TREWAVAS Jane               1Dec1830 Paul CON    WrigT0A WRIGHT John

TREWAVAS Jane               7Apr1804 Paul CON    WrigT5A WRIGHT Samuel

TREWAVAS John              30Apr1791 Paul CON    WrigT0  WRIGHT Sarah

TREWAVAS Richard                1801 Paul CON    WrigT0A WRIGHT Jane

WALLIS Mary                 5Mar1838 Paul CON    WrigT7A WRIGHT Isaac

WILLIAMS Ann               19Jun1704 Madron CON  WrigT8  WRIGHT Richard

WILLIAMS Patience          17Jny1784 Paul CON    WrigT0  WRIGHT Martin

WILLIS Phillis             19Feb1770 Paul CON    WrigT7B WRIGHT Thomas

WRIGHT Elizabeth           22Apr1769 Paul CON    WrigT0A WRIGHT John

WRIGHT Mary                20Jul1840 Paul CON    WrigT5A WRIGHT Thomas

WRIGHT Sarah               10Feb1726 Madron CON  WrigT8  WRIGHT John

WRIGHT Susanna Beaden      22May1826 Paul CON    WrigT7B WRIGHT John Thomas

YEAMAN Robert               5Apr1779 Paul CON    WrigT7B WRIGHT Ruth

YEOMAN Nicholas             2Mar1727 Paul CON    WrigT0  WRIGHT Thomasine