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8 Susannah Wilson

9 Francis WILSON 1700-1765

1 spouse's records

1m Susannah HEMPSON 1724
2m Mary CARRINGTON 1731





Francis WILSON was a farmer in NE Essex.  He was born about 1700, parents unknown,  and married Susannah HEMPSON at Tendring in 1724.  They baptised three children there before Susannah died and Francis remarried Mary CARRINGTON .


Francis and Mary baptised six more children at Tendring but at some time they moved to a farm called Jaywick near Clacton.  He died there in 1765 and was buried at Tendring.  He was relatively wealthy, as he left money and property at  Lt.Okely, St Osyth and Tendring  and his Jaywick farm  to his four sons and made generous marriage settlements for his daughters Susannah and Mary






   DATE    FW SH




22Dec1724 24 19

 6Oct1727 27 22

15Apr1729 29 24

 2Feb1731 31 26

 7Feb1731 31 26


25Oct1731 31 21

14Sep1732 32 22

27Nov1734 34 24

23Mar1737 37 27

13Jun1740 40 30

 7Aug1742 42 32 

11Nov1744 44 34

16Jun1750 50 40

     1751 51

26Jul1765 65

11Aug1765 65


Francis born

Francis WILSON & Susannah HEMPSON of Ramsey married by licence at Tendring

dau Susan baptised at Tendring

son John baptised at Tendring

son Philip baptised at Tendring

wife Susannah buried at Ramsey


Francis remarried Mary CARRINGTON at Lt.Bentley

son Carrington baptised at Tendring

son Francis baptised at Tendring

dau Mary baptised at Tendring

son William baptised at Tendring

son Samuel baptised at Tendring; buried 15Jul1744

son Samuel baptised at Tendring

wife Mary buried at Tendring

dau Susanna married farmer William SIMONS at Gt.Bromley

Francis made his last will at Jaywick near Clacton

Francis buried at Tendring

Francis' will proved by son Carrington





b=born  m=married  d=died

C=Christened        B=Buried



Francis married first in December 1724 aged 25 and secondly in 1731 aged 31.  A birth date of about 1700 is therefore expected, but no baptism has been found.  He baptised his children at Tendring and the surviving baptismal registers there date from 1683. But the first Wilson entry in any register is Francis' marriage in 1724 so he appears to have been born elsewhere.


Looking for a Wilson family baptising around 1700 near Tendring, John and Sarah Wilson were at Harwich but he was a coachman and unlikley to have a wealthy farmer son. Earlier, Francis and Anne Wilson baptised dau Frances 1634 and son William 1635 at Great Bentley, 3.5 miles from Tendring, possible ancestors.  A few other Wilson records from neighbouring parishes at this time but almost no such records between 1660 and 1700 except in Colchester.



Susannah WILSON-8 was baptised at Tendring in 1727 daughter of Francis and Susannah WILSON.  The baptism is preceded by a matching marriage also at Tendring:


m 22Dec1724 Francis WILSON of this parish & Susannah HEMPSON of Ramsey both single persons by licence

Ramsey is about 6 miles NE of Tendring. The licence allegation gives Francis' age as 25 and Susannah's as 19


Susannah’s will mentions her brother Carrington WILSON.   Carrington was baptised at Tendring, but was the son of Francis & Mary.  The unusual forename identifies him without doubt as the brother, but having a different mother, he was in fact a half-brother.  His baptism is preceded by a suitable marriage at Little Bentley only 2 miles from Tendring:


m 25Oct1731 Francis WILSON 31 & Mary CARRINGTON 21


there is a burial of Susannah Wilson in 1731 at her home parish of Ramsey




Francis' will identifies his sons Carrington, Francis and Samuel, and his daughters Susanna SIMONS and Mary COLE. A farm was bequeathed to William WILSON of Tendring who can be identified as a third son from the will of Sussanah-8 since she appointed her brothers Carrington (of St Osyth) and William (of Tendring) as executors.


The baptism of all these and other descendants took place at Tendring:


C  6Oct1727 Susan       d Francis  & Susannah WILSON

C 15Apr1729 John        s Francis  & Susannah WILSON

C  2Feb1730+Philip      s Francis  & Susannah WILSON B31Mar1732

C 14Sep1732 Carrington  s Francis & Mary WILSON

C 27Nov1734 Francis     s Francis & Mary WILSON *

C 23Mar1736+Mary        d Francis & Mary WILSON m 27Mar1759 James COLE

C 13Jun1740 William     d Francis & Mary WILSON *

C  7Aug1742 Samuel      d Francis & Mary WILSON B 15Jul1744

C 11Nov1744 Samuel      d Francis & Mary WILSON *



B  7Feb1731 Susan Wilson at Ramsey
B 16Jun1750 Mary Wilson at Tendring (not the dau as she m James COLE 27Mar1759)
B 11Aug1765 Francis Wilson at Tendring

Will of Francis WILSON


Francis WILSON farmer of Gt.Clacton; sell my land and house in Little Oakley; to son Carrington WILSON executor lands at Lt.Oakley and farm called Cockitwick in St Osith; to son Francis £50; to William WILSON of Tendring, farm called New Hall and £5; to son Samuel Wilson farm wherein I live called Jay Wick in Gt.Clacton.  To dau Susana wife of William Simonds of Hatfield Peveril £5; to dau Mary wife of James Cole of Gt.Holland £5 over and above £200 of her marriage contract; to gd Susanna Simons £10 when married or of age;

s 26Jul1765 wit. Robert Lewis, John X Martin p16Nov1765 by Carrington Wilson

marriage allegation


25 Oct 1731. Francis WILSON 31 of Tendring & Mary CARRINGTON 22 of Bradfield. To marry at Little Bentley. Bond: John FINER of Tendring. Witnesses: Nathanael POOLE, Sarah ANGIER x

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