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8 Susannah WILSON 1727-1784

9 Francis Wilson

1 spouse's records

1m William SIMONS 1751
2m William SPEAKMAN 1772





Susannah was baptised at Tendring in 1727, daughter of Francis WILSON, a farmer but her mother died when she was 4 and her farther remarried.   Susannah married another farmer, William SIMONS at nearby Gt.Bromley when she was 24.  Her first daughter Susan was baptised at Tendring but William was a farmer at Hatfield Peveril about 25 miles away and eight more children were baptised there or at nearby Terling.


William died at an early age (about 40) and Susannah remarried another farmer, widower William SPEAKMAN of Terling in 1772 but had no more children.


Her marriage settlement made sure that properties she owned in Weeley and Gt.Okeley remained hers to bequeath to her SIMONS children.  She made her will in 1776, died 8 years later at Writtle in 1784 and was buried at Hatfield Peverel










 7Feb1731  4

24Sep1751 24 22

30Aug1752 25 23

26Mar1753 26 24

19Jun1754 27 25

24May1756 29 27

 7May1758 31 29

    c1760 33 31

    c1762 35 33

16May1764 37 35

21Jul1766 39 37

21May1767 40 38

22May1772 45

26Mar1776 49

 8Jun1784 57


Susannah baptised at Tendring, dau of Francis & Susannah WILSON

Susannah’s mother died and her father remarried

Susannah WILSON m William SIMONS at Gt.Bromley

dau Susan C at Elmstead

son William C at Hatfield Peverel

dau Elizabeth C at Hatfield Peverel

dau Polly C at Hatfield Peverel

son Hugh C at Hatfield Peverel

dau Ann Martha born

dau Catherine born

dau Sally baptised at Terling; William was a farmer of Hatfield Peveril

son Samuel Wilson C at Hatfield Peverel

husband William died

Susannah married William SPAKEMAN widower of Terling at Hatfield Peveril

Susannah made her will

Susannah buried at Hatfield Peverel

Susannah's will proved by  Wm Speakman and brothers Carrington & William Wilson




b=born  m=married  d=died

C=Christened       B=Buried



Susannah married William SIMONS at Gt.Bomley in 1751 and died in 1784 so a birth date around 1720/30 is expected.  Susannah's father can be identified as Francis WILSON of Gt Clacton from his 1765 will (see Francis WILSON-9) as it mentions his daughter Susannah, wife of William SIMONS.  There is a suitable baptism fulfilling all these conditions at Tendring, 3 miles from Gt. Bromley:


C 6Oct1727 Susan  d Francis  & Susannah WILSON  at Tendring



Anne Martha SIMONS-7 was born about 1760, daughter of William & Susannah SIMONS.  The will of Hugh SIMONS of Elmstead proves that Hugh was William's father, suggesting William's origin was in or near Elmstead.  Moreover, Susannah's will (see below) shows she had property in this region of Essex. There is a suitable marriage for William SIMONS & Susannah in the parish of Gt.Bromley adjacent to Elmsted.


m 24Sep1751 Willm Simons & Susan Wilson


Susannah's will showed that she remarried William SPEAKMAN of Terling and there is a suitable marriage at nearby Hatfield Peveril:


m 22May1772 William x Spakeman wdr of Terling & Susannah Simons wid by licence (signed Susan); wit: John STOFFE[?] John THOMPSON[fw]




A first baptism took place at Elmstead:

C 30Aug1752 Susan d William & Susan Simons ?B 9Apr1774 Hatfield Peveral

others from the Hatfield Peverel and Terling registers

C 26Mar1753 William Simons [no parents named] m 14May1772 B 17Apr1781
C 19Jun1754 Elizabeth d William Symons
C 24May1756 Polly Simons [no parents named]
C  7May1758 Hugh s William & Susan Symons;  B 24Jun1762
C 16May1764 Sally d Wm & Susannah Simons farmer of Hatfield  at Terling
C 21Jul1766 Saml Wilson s William & Susannah Symonds


Susannah's will written in 1776 identifies her sons William & Samuel and her under-age daughters Elizabeth, Polley wife of Thomas LUCKING, Ann-Martha, Catherine, Sally.  The 1774 will of Hugh SIMONS, William's father mentions his first grandson William and then his under aged grandchildren Elizabeth, Polly, Ann, Catherine, Sarah, Samuel.  It seems likely that Susan and Hugh died before the wills were written as they are not mentioned. There is a suitable burial of Hugh at Hatfield Peverel but not of Susannah. There is a burial of Susannah Simons there on 9Aug1774 but if this were her, why was she not mentioned in the wills? No other burial has been found either at Elmstead or Hatfield so it will be assumed that this is the daughter of William and Susannah but not included in the wills for whatever reason. 

Ann Martha and Catherine were named in order before Sally in both wills so presumably born about 1760 and 1762 respectively. Neither baptismal record has been found.

Hugh m  at Hatfield Peverel, Polly and  Elizabeth m at Terling:


m 14May1772 Wm Simons of Hatfield Peverel bch & Susannah Letch wid? of Harting Co aforesaid (Essex) by licence both signed; wit: Saml Humphreys, John Thompson


m 12Sep1774 Thos LUCKING of Terling & Polly SYMONS spr of Terling

C  3Oct1776 John  natural son Elizabeth SYMONS

m 27Oct1776 John WHITE otp & Eliz SIMONS otp by licence




Susannah remarried William SPEAKMAN in 1772 at Hatfield Peveril.  So William SIMONS died between 1766 (C of Samuel) and 1772 remarriage of Susannah, and there is a suitable burial at Hatfield Peverel:

B 21May 1767 William Simonds


Susannah's will was proved on 12Jul1784 and she was buried at Hatfield Peverel even though her will stated that she died at Writtle


B 8Jan1784 Susannah SPEAKMAN

Will of Susannah:


Susannah SPEAKMAN wife of William SPEAKMAN of Terling yeoman.  By virtue of marriage settlement of 19May1772; execs to sell lands called "Sayers and Holts" 18 acres in Gt Okeley, held of that manor in occupation of John FENN; also to sell 12 acres in Weeleigh held of that manor in occupation of John CHILD; also to sell other lands in manors of Gt Okeley and Weeleigh; to give my son William SIMONS 1st offer of these; money from these sales to be divided between my sons William and Samuel SIMONS and my daughters Elizabeth SIMONS, Polley wife of Thomas LUCKING, Ann-Martha SIMONS, Catherine SIMONS, and Sally SIMONS, children by my 1st husband William SIMONS deceased, payment to be made at ages of 21.  All ready money and personal estate to son Samuel and daughters Elizabeth, Polley, Ann-Martha, Catherine, Sally, when 21; son William to have no personal estate.  Executors: my husband William SPEAKMAN and my two brothers Carrington WILSON of St Osith, yeoman, and William WILSON of Tendring, yeoman.


Witnessed by Jno SCOTT, Jno SCOTT jnr, Carter SCOTT.  Proved 12Jul1784 by Wm SPEAKMAN, Carrington & William WILSON.  signed 26Mar1776.  Testatrix died in Writtle about 6 months since




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