Wenden Wendon Family

18 June 2018



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Dr Geoffrey Mann




WENDON Family Summary

17-19C Witham, Terling, Prittlewell, Essex


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[There is a family story of an elopement from a seminary at Terling. This was said to involve Matthew's daughter Martha Ann but this is not borne out by the data and more likely, the story relates to Matthew himself and Elizabeth.  There was a seminary or girls school in the centre of Terling, and Matthew lived there as a young man.  Elizabeth was baptised in Paglesham, but it is not known whether she was sent to school at Terling some 20 miles away.  It seems unlikely, but the family story otherwise has some credibility.  The marriage took place after banns in Elizabeth’s home parish, which does not sound like an elopement – though the marriage was witnessed by Elizabeth’s sister, not her father] 



6 Matthew WENDON c1705-1779

   m Sarah VAILES 1737

   [                             at Witham




5 Samuel WENDON 1752->1809

   m Elizabeth DUDLEY 1785

   [                             at Terling




4 Matthew WENDON 1787-1867

   m Elizabeth SKINSLEY 1815

   [                             at Paglesham




3 Martha Ann WENDON 1834-1921

   m Henry MANN 1858

                     at Rochford Methodist


The earliest known ancestor is Matthew WENDON, a poor boy who was apprenticed by Witham parish to a weaver in Witham in 1715 when he was 10 years old, possibly after his mother remarried.  He married Frances TOPPIN in 1722 only half way through his apprenticeship, probably because a child was due the next month.


Frances died in 1736 and  Matthew remarried Sarah VAILES the following year. Their son Samuel, married and moved to Terling.


Samuel’s first wife died in childbirth and Samuel remarried  Elizabeth DUDLEY at Terling in 1785.  Samuel was probably a weaver like his father, but could not make a living and was sent back to Witham (by the SPEAKMANs) but he managed to return to Terling after a year or two.


Samuel's son, Matthew, moved south and married Elizabeth SKINGLEY at Paglesham in 1815.  They had nine children altogether at Southchurch and then Prittlewell before settling at Barling. 


Their youngest daughter, Martha Ann, married Henry MANN who lived along the road at Sutton near Rochford.  Until her death in 1921, Martha lived at Elim Cottage in Shoebury where Henry had a market garden.








CHIPPERFIELD Wm            14Apr1714 Witham ESS                  WendT0  WENDEN Sarah [wid?]

CRANMER Ann (wid)          24Nov1719 Rivenhall ESS               WendTR  WENDEN William

CURTIS Thos                17Nov1789 Terling ESS                 WendTR  WENDON Sarah

DUDLEY Elizabeth           12Jul1785 Terling ESS                 WendT0  WENDON Samuel

HARRIS Elizabeth            9Oct1816 Terling ESS                 WendT0  WENDON Thomas

HUMPHREY Phebe             21Feb1764 Witham ESS                  WendT6  WENDON Thomas

LAPPAGE George                1q1853 Rochford ESS                WendT0  WENDON Mary Ann

MANN Henry                 14Jul1858 Rochford ESS                WendT0  WENDON Martha Ann

RAVEN William              26Oct1742 Rivenhall ESS               WendTR  WENDEN Martha

RIGNELL Judith             23Dec1760 Terling ESS                 WendTR  WENDON John

ROOKING Mary                9Oct1750 Rivenhall ESS               WendTR  WENDEN William

SKINGLEY Elizabeth M.      22Jan1815 Paglesham ESS               WendT0  WENDON Matthew

SPELLER Sarah              15Sep1778 Felstead ESS                WendT0  WENDON Samuel

TOPPIN Frances              2Jun1722 Witham ESS                  WendT0  WENDON Matthew

VAILES Sarah               15Jul1737 Witham ESS                  WendT0  WENDON Matthew

VAUGHAN Samuel              3Oct1753 Rivenhall ESS               WendTR  WENDEN Elizabeth

WADE Sarah                 26Oct1693 Rivenhall ESS               WendTR  WENDEN William








1)       B6.  origin of Matthew and the confusing duplication of Matthew/Sarah names at Witham


2)       B5.  confirmation that Samuel was baptised in 1752 and not 1761; age at burial would help but burial has not been found – not in NBI