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21 April 2008


Dr Geoffrey.Mann.


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VAILES Family Summary

17-18C, Witham, Essex


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9 Zecchariah VALES c1640-1694

   m Elizabeth NORRIS 1667




8 John VAILES 1668-1733

   m Elizabeth PULLIN 1691




7 John VAILES ?1692-1730

   m Mary SAVAGE 1715




6 Sarah VAILES 1714-?1788

   m Matthew WENDON 1737



Zacchariah VAILES married Elizabeth NORRIS at Heybridge near Maldon in 1667 but they baptised their children at Witham. He was soon in trouble with the law, indicted for poaching partridges.  Finally in 1694 he was found guilty of three separate thefts on the same night and sentenced to be hung.  A few years later, his son also named Zecchariah was also hanged for theft.


Another son named John became a weaver and married Elizabeth PULLIN at Witham.  They had a son named John born about 1690 who lived at Duck End in Witham and married Mary SAVAGE there in 1715.  At this time they already had a daughter, Sarah, who married Matthew WENDON, another weaver, at Witham in 1737.






BARWELL Robert             16Dec1767 Witham ESS                  VailT0  VAILES Sarah

BRIDGE John                27Oct1728 Witham ESS                  VailT0  VAILES Hannah

LONG George                18Nov1732 Witham ESS                  VailT0  VAILES Mary (wid)

NORRIS Elizabeth            1Aug1667 Heybridge ESS               VailT0  VAILES Zecharie

PULLIN Elizabeth           13Apr1691 Witham ESS                  VailT0  VAILES John

SAVAGE Mary                 4Sep1715 Witham ESS                  VailT0  VAILES John

TUNBRIDGE Elizabeth        23Feb1733 Witham ESS                  VailT0  VAILES William

WENDON Matthew             15Jul1737 Witham ESS                  VailT0  VAILES Sarah

WOLECAR Anne               29Jul1700 Braintree ESS               VailT0  VAILES William



1)       B9  Origin of Zechariah VAILES c1640.  Did he come from Gt. Leighs?


2)       B9  Were there two separate hangings of Zechariah VAILES, father and son, or did the father escape the first hanging only to be sentenced again?


3)       B8  Where were John & Elizabeth (PULLIN) between their m at Witham in 1691 and the first baptism at Witham in 1708?  Did they have a son John about 1692 (and also sons Thomas c1700 and William c1710)?