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30 Dec 2019


Dr. Geoffrey Mann

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SPEAKMAN Family Summary

17-19C Cambridgeshire, NE Essex, Terling ESS


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11 Thomas SPAKEMAN 1600?-1665

      m Alice HAILOCK 1629 West Wickham




10 Robert SPEAKMAN 1631-1709

      m Frances c1660




  9 Thomas SPEAKMAN ?1661-1719

  m Hester c1690




8 John SPEAKMAN 1705-1793

  m Ann FRENCH 1737 Toppesfield




7 Francis SPEAKMAN 1757-1813

  m Ann Martha SIMONS 1778 Writtle




6 Ann Martha SPEAKMAN 1779-1854

  m John SMITH 1799 Boreham



The SPEAKMAN family has been traced back to the SE corner of Cambridgeshire, where Thomas SPAKEMAN married Alice HAILOCK in 1629


His grandson, Thomas SPEAKMAN, moved to Finchingfield in Essex around 1700 where he improved his lot from bricklayer and labourer to farmer.


His son John married the daughter of a farmer and migrated further south through Gosfield to Terling, where his sons became farmers and prosperous members of the Terling vestry.  One of them, William, left over £1000 in his will of 1813, while another son, Thomas, occupied Fairstead Hall  (an extensive tree of his many descendants has been constructed).


John and Ann were buried in Terling in 1793 where  their gravestone is inscribed "A father kind a mother dear, two faithful friends lie buried here".


Their youngest son Francis became a farmer in the adjacent parish of Gt Leighs.  He had only one child, a daughter, Ann Martha, who married John SMITH, a farmer of nearby Lt.Waltham in 1799.









ALGAR Sarah            21Sep1809 Terling ESS             SpeaT7  SPEAKMAN John

ARNOLD Elizabeth        7Jun1770 Terling ESS             SpeaT0  SPEAKMAN Robert

BANKS Mary Ann             c1815                         SpeaT7  SPEAKMAN John

BEADEL John             7Sep1801 Fairsted ESS            SpeaT7  SPEAKMAN Ann

BEADEL John            25Feb1802 Fairsted ESS            SpeaT7  SPEAKMAN Jane (nee GREENWOOD)

FRENCH Ann             13Sep1737 Toppesfield ESS         SpeaT0  SPEAKMAN John

FRENCH Thomas          30Oct1770 Gt.Yeldham ESS          SpeaT0  SPEAKMAN Mary

GREENWOOD Jane         20Oct1772 Terling ESS             SpeaT0  SPEAKMAN Thomas

HART Elizabeth         21Apr1768 Terling ESS             SpeaT0  SPEAKMAN William

LARK James             21Dec1721 Finchingfield ESS       SpeaT0  SPEAKMAN Sara (nee SAFFOLD)

MITCHELL Anne          14Jul1763 Chipping Ongar ESS      SpeaT0  SPAKEMAN William

NEWMAN Elizabeth       13Apr1732 Gt.Dunmow ESS           SpeaT0  SPEKMAN Robert

ORRELL Thomas          25Dec1793 Terling ESS             SpeaT7  SPEAKMAN Mary

SAFFOLD Sarah          14Feb1716 Wethersfield ESS        SpeaT0  SPEAKMAN Thomas

SIMONS Ann Martha      14Jul1778 Writtle ESS             SpeaT0  SPEAKMAN Francis

SMITH John             17Apr1799 Boreham ESS             SpeaT0  SPEAKMAN Ann Martha

SMITH Mary              2Feb1746+Witham ESS              SpeaT0  SPEAKMAN William

WILLSHIRE John         17Jan1766 Terling ESS             SpeaT0  SPEAKMAN Ann

WILSON Susannah        22May1772 Hatfield Peveril ESS    SpeaT0  SPEAKMAN William