16/17C SMITHERS TREE TW  Surrey and London   4 September 2006    


                                                        b=born m=married d=died                  Dr G.M.W.Mann 

                                                        C=Christened   B=Buried             geoff.mann@btinternet.com

                                                                                             SMITHERS family summary



                                                            A  = Ash SRY                  

                                                            Bt = St Botolph Bishopsgate London

                                                            G  = Guildford, St Mary SRY

 John_SMITHER                                               Sk = St George Southwark SRY

 B1587W                                                     W  = Worplesdon SRY





 Alice_WELLE-m1-Thomas_SMYTHER-2m-Joan_BARNES (widow)                            Robert SMYTHER-m-Alice_WHEELER

 m1583W      |  bc1560?           m1598W                                                 bc1560?| m1585W

 B1598W      |  d1623 will                                                               B1632W |

             |                                                                                  |

             |                                                         [2]                      |

             |                                                      m1639G B1639G               |

 1-------2---^---SMYTHER-------3--------------------------4     -3m-Mary_WINTER       1-------2-^----SMYTHER--------------3

 Jane    Thomas-m-Alice_MONGER Elizabeth      Susan----m1-George-2m-Alice_BROWN       Olyve   John---m-Elizabeth_GYLLES   Harry

 C1589W  C1591W | m1614 Ash    C1592W         EXFOULDE |  C1594W  | m1621Sk           C1587W  C1589W | 1m1605W            C1593W

 m1610W  d1659W |              m1614W         m1617W   |  B1662G? | B1639G                    B1618W | 2m1620W            B1593W

 R.KING  will   |               E.LEGGE       B1620W   |          |                      Broadstreet |  John_BROWNE

                |                                      |          |                             see note [3]

                |                               SMITHER|          |                        

 1------SMETHER-^-2------3------4------5          1----^-2        1-SMITHER-2------3------4-------5------6--------7-------8

 Thomas-m-Eleanor Henry  Mary   George Jane       Thomas George   George    Ann    James  George  Elzth  William  Thomas  James

 C1615A | mc1644? C1619W C1622W C1625W C1629W     C1618W C1619W   C1623G    C1624G C1626G C1627G  C1630G C1633G   C1635G  C1639G

    [1] |                m?GILHAM      m?Wm.COOPER       B1620W   B1623G                                          B1635G





 Elinor    Thomas    Leonard-m-Sara  Elinor  Mary    John    Susan   Elizabeth  Bridgit

 C1645Bt   C1647Bt   C1648Bt |       C1651Bt C1652Bt C1654Bt C1654Bt C1657Bt    C1662Bt

 B1645Bt             d1694   |       B1651Bt           --twins-- 

                     at sea  |                       B1660Bt

                     (will)  |


 1-------2--------3--------4-^-SMITHERS-5-------6--------7 -

 Thomas  Leonard  William  Samuel       Elzbth  Sarah    Richard

 C1673Bt C1678Bt  C1681Bt  C1682Bt      C1683Bt C1685Bt  C1687Bt

         B1680Bt                        B1684Bt          m1720Bt






[1]     This Thomas sold the land in Worplesdon left to him by his father immediately after he died 1659; the foot of fine shows he was married to Eleanor; no subsequent evidence of Thomas & Eleanor (or any SMITHER in Worplesdon parish until 1679), but a Thomas &  Eleanor baptised children at St Botolph as shown.  The timing and names are right, but no confirming evidence that this Thomas came from Worplesdon.  Thomas/Eleanor m not found in SRY m index etc. There is a m of Thomas SMITH to Ellinor WOTTON at Stepney St Dunstan in 1640; this Thomas was a shipwright of St Mary Magdalen, Southwark


[2]     2nd wife Alice buried 15May1639; Mary WINTER m 19Jan1639. Possibly George's 3rd wife only if m was 1639/40.


[3]     descendants of John & Elizabeth SMITHER:



        John     Agnes    Elizabeth  Thomas  Thomas

        C1606W   C1608W   C1612W     C1613W  C1617W