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EVANS family summary

F=Froyle HAM SMITHERS family summary

St=Stoke-nr-Guildford SRY

W =Worplesdon SRY




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6 Wm SMITHER-m-Christian STRUDWICK James_GLAZIER-m-Hannah_YOUNG Thomas SMITHERS-m-Elzth HALE

C1731 | m1760W | m1769W C1733W | m1761W

B1794 | B1782W | B1812W |

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| [1] 1---- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -^--7 [2] | [1]

5 James SMITHER-m-Sarah GLAZIER Joseph_MERCER-m-Martha GLAZIER James SMITHER-m-Sarah EVANS

C1768W | C1771W m1805W | C1789St C1779W | C1780F

m1790W | | | m1803St

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1-------^--2 1- - - MERCER - - -^- - - -?- - 8---------9 ------^--6 [2]

4 William Charlotte Joseph Charles EVANS--m?-Ann Charlotte William James S SMITHERS

C1791W C1793W C1806W | C1826W 1829W C1816W



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3 Charles_Mercer Joseph

b1844Kingston b1849




[1] There are three James SMITHER to consider all born at Worplesdon between 1768 and 1786. :


i: C 1768 son of Wm & Christian;

ii C 1779 son of Thomas & Elizabeth.

iii:C 1786 son of Thomas & Leah (not shown on this tree)


Who did they marry?


iii: the 1848 will of Thomas (of Thomas & Leah) and the 1852 will of his son George show that this James married Milly LEGG (see SMITHERS tree 6B)


ii: the James who married Sarah EVANS in 1803 was born about 1780 according to death certificate, burial record and 1841 census (exact?) age 61, so cannot be the son of William & Christian b1768. This also rules out the possibility that James ii married Sarah EVANS secondly


i: the 1841 census has James a publican & Sarah aged 70 which fits the James who married Sarah GLAZIER as son of Wm & Christian; moreover, James who married Sarah EVANS was a farmer not a publican


The above reasoning seems faultless, but a number of factors give cause for concern that the left and right hand sides of the tree have somewhere been confused:


i Martha GLAZIER [2] was godmother to James S SMITHERS [2], son of James & Sarah on the right hand side of the tree yet her sister married James SMITHERS son of Wm & Christian on the left hand side of the tree. If James S Smithers were on the left hand side, then Martha would have been his aunt, a natural relation for godmother. As it is, the connection is more tenuous: James i and James ii were cousins and Martha GLAZIER came from Stoke where Sarah EVANS was married


ii the m of James to Sarah GLAZIER on the left hand side in 1790 was witnessed by Elizabeth HALL, who could well be the wife of Thomas on the right hand side (despite spelling change)


iii there is an earlier Worplesdon marriage of James SMITHER to Jane STRUDWICK followed by burial of Jane:


m 31Mar1801 Worplesdon:James x SMITHER otp & Jane x STRUDWICK otp by banns; wit: Thomas STRUDWICK, JI

B 14Aug1801 Worplesdon: Jane, 21, wife of James SMITHER, Perry Hill


It might be expected that this would be the James on the left hand side as his mother was Christian STRUDWICK (though no immediate connection has been established between Christian and Jane (daughter of Thomas & Hannah STRUDWICK). However, if this were the left hand James, then it would be his second marriage and there is no suitable burial of his first wife Sarah and she is believed to be in the 1841 census. On the other hand, ages and dates fit very well to the right hand James, and Jane was of Perry Hill when she died, known to be the abode of right hand James, whereas the left hand side James was of Pitch Place in 1841


It is concluded that these factors are not sufficient to doubt the above arrangement



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