SMITHERS FAMILY TREE  T6B   4 September 2006


                                                        b=born m=married d=died            Dr G.M.W.Mann

                                                        C=Christened   B=Buried

                                                                                       SMITHERS family summary



8 Thomas_SMITHER-m-Elizabeth                                                                      George_SMITHER-m-?

  bc1650?        | mc1678?                         W =Worplesdon SRY           Ws=Wonersh SRY     bc1650?        |

  B1708?         |  B1731?                                                                                       |

                 |                                                                                               |

                 |                                                                                               |

                 |                                                                                               |

  1-------2------^---3------4------5-SMITHERS---7-------8-------9--------------------------------------10        |

7 Thomas  Elizabeth  Mary   Ann    William-m-?  John    James   Richard-m-Elizabeth_WHITE ?2m-Mary     Mary      Elizabeth

  C1679W  C1683W     C1686W C1686W C1688   |    C1692W  C1694W  C1697W  | m1720Ws     [1]   | mc1746?  C1701W    C1677W

                     B1687W B1686W         |                    B1764W  | B1743W            | B1763W?

                        twins           see T7                          |                   |

                                                                        |                   |   

                                                  [1]                   |                   |

  1-------2-------3-------4--------------------5-----SMITHERS------6----/           1-------2------^-3-SMITHERS4------5

6 Sarah   Ann     Richard Richard-m-Elizabeth  William-m-Christian Thomas-m-Elzth

   George  Charles  Margaret  Jane   Christian

  C1722Ws C1723Ws C1725Ws C1728Ws | CHITTY     C1731W  | STRUDWICK C1733W | HALE    C1748W  C1751W   C1753W    C1756W C1757W

                          B1794W  | m1759W     B1794W  | m1760W    B1812W | m1761W                             B1757W m1779GT

                               see T6A                 | B1782W           |                                            T.CHITTY

                                                       |               see T0

                                                       | [2]                


         5   William-m-Mary_RIDE  Christian    Betty      James-m-Sarah_GLAZIER     Mary     Elias   Sarah

             C1761W  | m1786W     C1763W       C1765W     C1768W| m1790W            C1771W   C1773   C1778

                     | B1798W                  B1768W     B1842W| B1844W            m1798W

                     | of Burpham                               |                    T.COLE

                     |                                          |

                     |                                          |

             1-------2-SMITHERS-3-------4            1-SMITHERS-^---2

         4   Jane    Henry      Charles John         William        Charlotte

             C1787W  C1789W     C1791W  C1796W       C1791W         C1793W





[1]     the William who married Christian STRUDWICK was "of Woking"; there is however no William C at Woking before 1774.  He may be he son of William C1722 shown on T7, rather than the son of Richard C1731 as shown.  He would then be aged 38 at marriage, 15 ears older than Christian; as shown he would be aged 29 at marriage, 6 years older than Christian so this position is referred.  Moreover in this position his son James was 1st cousin to James, son of his brother Thomas.  The sister-in-law of he first James, Martha GLAZIER, was godmother to the son of the other, suggesting a close family link such as cousins.


[2]     there is a James/Sarah EVANS m at Worp in 1803; Sarah EVANS however was born 1780 (Froyle PR; census age) so cannot have arried this James