SMITHERS FAMILY TREE  T6A   4 September 2006


                                                        b=born m=married d=died                Dr G.M.W.Mann 

                                                        C=Christened   B=Buried  

                                                                                            SMITHERS family summary



                                                   BG=Bethnal Green MDX        SG=Stoke nr Guildford SRY

                                                    H =Hackney MDX             sS=South Shoebury ESS

                                                   Is=Islington MDX            St=Stepney MDX           

8 Thomas_SMITHER-m-Elizabeth                       GT=Guildford Holy Trinity   W =Worplesdon SRY     George_SMITHER-m-?

  bc1650?        | mc1678?                         Md=Maidenhead BKS           Ws=Wonersh SRY        bc1650?        |

  B1708?         |  B1731?                         ME=Mile End MDX                                                  |

                 |                                                                                                  |

                 |                                                                                                  |

                 |                                                                                                  |

  1-------2------^---3------4------5-SMITHERS---7-------8-------9--------------------------------------10           |

7 Thomas  Elizabeth  Mary   Ann    William-m-?  John    James   Richard-m-Elizabeth_WHITE              Mary         Elizabeth

  C1679W  C1683W     C1686W C1686W C1688   |    C1692W  C1694W  C1697W  | m1720Ws     [1]              C1701W       C1677W

                     B1687W B1686W         |                           B1764W  | B1743W                     

                        twins           see T7                                 |                   




         6   Sarah   Ann     Richard  Mary--?m1?----Richard-m-Elizabeth  William-m-Christian Thomas-m-Elzabeth_HALE

             C1722Ws C1723Ws C1725Ws  mc1746?| [1]  C1728Ws | CHITTY     C1731W  | STRUDWICK C1733W | m1761W

                                             |      B1794W  | m1759W     B1794W  | m1760W    B1812W |

                                             ?              |                 see T6B            see T0

                                             ?              |   

                          [1]                |              | [2]

            1-------2--------3-SMITHERS4-----^5            1^------SMITHERS-------2----------3------4--------5-------6

         5  George  Charles  Margaret  Jane   Christian    Thomas-m-Leah_COMPTON  Elizabeth  Sarah  William  George  Hannah

            C1748W  C1751W   C1753W    C1756W C1757W       C1759W | m1783W        C1762W     C1767W C1770W   C1772W  C1779

                                       B1757W m1779GT      B1848W | B1839W                          B1795W   B1826W

                                               T.CHITTY    will   |



         4                 William-m-Lydia                Milly_LEGG-m1--James--2m-Elizabeth_WHEELER

                           bc1784    B1858W               m1810W     |   C1786W  | m1830W                

                           d1852     of Woking            B1824W     |   B1834W  |

                           will                                      |           |

                                                                     |           |

             1-------------2-------3--------4---------5--------6-----^-7         |

         3   Lydia         Thomas  John     Caroline  William  George  James     John

             C1810W        C1812W  C1815W   C1816W    C1817W   C1820W  C1822W    C1831W

             m Geo.HAMPTON   [4]   B1815W   B1833W    B1819W                     B1835W



[1]     The children shown here as children of Richard & Mary are more likely to be children of Richard senior by a second marriage as shown in tree T0 rather than the children of Richard junior by a first marriage as shown here.  There is no evidence that Richard married twice; he was not noted as a widower when he married Elizabeth and there is no burial of a Mary between 1757 and 1759; there is also a duplication of the name George, without any suitable burial.  However, the baptisms follow with just a two year gap, and Richard would have been about 18 at time of first marriage, so the arrangement illustrated here remains a possibility.


[2]     The Thomas who died in 1848 made a will which identifies him as the father of William & James and husband of Leah; at his B his age was 88 which gives a birth date of 1760, hence his position in the tree; however if the burial age were out by only 3 years, then a more likely position on the tree would be the eldest son of Thomas & Elizabeth HALE, C1763.  1841 census age fits better to the son of Richard, but son named James fits better to son of Thomas


[3]     no C of William at Worplesdon, but his will and that of his father confirm his position here with no children


[4]     register has Thomas s Thomas & Milly