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6 November 2009


Dr. Geoffrey Mann

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SMITHERS Family Summary

16-20C Worplesdon Surrey,  London,  Shoebury Essex


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8 Thomas SMITHERS c1650-1731

   m Elizabeth




7 Richard SMITHERS 1697-1764

   m Elizabeth WHITE 1720 Wonersh SRY




6 Thomas SMITHERS 1733-1812

   m Elizabeth HALE 1761 Worplesdon SRY




5 James SMITHERS 1779-1845

   m Sarah EVANS 1803 Stoke by Guildford SRY




4 James Smither SMITHERS 1816-1906

   m Elizabeth BROWN 1837 Cookham BRK




3 Elizabeth Evans SMITHERS 1838-1884

   [ m Timothy NOONAN 1871 Brentford MDX



2 Lavinia Jessie SMITHERS 1864-1922

   m Herbert H MANN 1886 Shoebury ESS




The earliest known ancestors are Thomas and Elizabeth SMITHERS who baptised their children at Worplesdon, Surrey from 1679. There were earlier SMITHERS families in Worplesdon but these may not be the ancestors of Thomas.  Descendants of Thomas remained in Worplesdon for four generations as agricultural workers and farmers.


In 1829, James Smither SMITHERS was apprenticed as a carpenter in Slough.  He married Elizabeth BROWN at Cookham and tried his hand as a greengrocer, a coal dealer, and proprietor of the Nag's Head near Windsor before settling in the East End of London at his trade of carpentry.


His eldest daughter Elizabeth had two illegitimate daughters, Elizabeth and Lavinia but looked after both of them and married an Irish soldier, Timothy NOONAN, in 1871 in Bentford. They then moved to Shoeburyness in Essex.


The eldest daughter married a soldier in Shoebury, but he died a few days after the marriage; she married another soldier and moved with him eventually to Brighton


The younger daughter, Lavinia, married my grandfather Herbert MANN in Shoebury and remained there.










BARNES Jone wid             4Sep1598 Worplesdon SRY              SmitTW  SMITHER Thomas

BEDSWORTH Anne             19Jul1657 Guildford St Mary SRY       SmitTG  SMITHER William

BLAKE John                 15Nov1808 Worplesdon SRY              SmitT6B SMITHERS Jane

BOOKMASTER Jane            28Mar1665 Guildford H.Trinity SRY     SmitTG  SMITHERS John

BRADLEY Sarah Ann T        23Jun1867 Kensington MDX              SmitT0  SMITHERS James Evans

BROWN Alice                18Sep1621 Southwark St George SRY     SmitTW  SMITHERS George

BROWN Elizabeth             6Aug1837 Cookham                     SmitT0  SMITHERS James

BROWNE John                18Jun1620 Worplesdon SRY              SmitTW  SMETHER Elizabeth wid

CHITTY Elizabeth            3May1759 Worplesdon SRY              SmitT0  SMITHERS Richard

CHITTY Thomas               8Dec1779 Guildford Holy Trinity SRY  SmitT0  SMITHERS Christian

COBBATT Robert             28Jun1630 Worplesdon SRY              SmitTW  SMETHER Agnes

COLE Thomas                 2Oct1798 Worplesdon SRY              SmitT6B SMITHERS Mary

COMPTON Leah                5Jun1783 Worplesdon SRY              SmitT6A SMITHERS Thomas 

COOPER William                 c1650                             SmitTW  SMITHERS Jane 

CURTIS John                12Dec1675 Wonersh SRY                 SmitTG  SMITHERS Judith

EVANS Sarah                10Sep1803 Stoke by Guildford SRY      SmitT0  SMITHERS James

EXFOULDE Susan             24Nov1617 Worplesdon SRY              SmitTW  SMETHER George

FOARD Jeremiah             24Apr1698 Guildford H.Trinity SRY     SmitTG  SMITHERS Jane

FOUND Ann Emily               3Q1871 Portsea HAM                 SmitT0  SMITHERS George

FOSTER Joseph              29Mar1880 Brompton KEN                SmitT0  NOONAN Elizabeth Mary Ann

GARNER James               26Mar1865 Stepney MDX                 SmitT0  SMITHERS Martha

GILHAM                         c1650                             SmitTW  SMITHERS Mary 

GLAZIER Sarah              22Nov1790 Worplesdon SRY              SmitT6B SMITHERS James

GODDARD Elizabeth          20Nov1844 Worplesdon SRY              SmitT0  SMITHERS Henry

GYLLES Elizabeth           21Jul1605 Worplesdon SRY              SmitTW  SMITHER John 

HALE Elizabeth             14Nov1761 Worplesdon SRY              SmitT0  SMITHERS Thomas

HAMPTON George              3Feb1842 Worplesdon SRY              SmitT6A SMITHERS Lydia

HARRISON William Arthur    11May1905 Lancaster LAN               SmitT0  SMITHERS Martha

JELLIFF Ann                25Nov1711 Godalming SRY               SmitT7  SMITHERS William   

KINGE Robert               21Oct1610 Worplesdon SRY              SmitTW  SMITHER Jone 

LEGG Milly                 12Aug1810 Worplesdon SRY              SmitT6A SMITHERS James

LEGGE Edward               12Dec1614 Worplesdon SRY              SmitTW  SMITHER Elizabeth

MANN Herbert H             28Dec1886 S.Shoebury ESS              SmitT0  SMITHERS Lavinia Jessie

McGLADRIGAN Francis         1Jny1879 S.Shoebury ESS              SmitT0  SMITHERS Elizabeth Mary Ann

MAY James                      c1841 Shere SRY                   SmitT0  SMITHERS Hannah/Ann

MONGER Alice               12Dec1614 Ash SRY                     SmitTW  SMITHERS Thomas

MURRELL Henry C            25Dec1865 Stepney MDX                 SmitT0  SMITHERS Mary Ann

NOONAN Timothy             28Mar1876 Brentford MDX               SmitT0  SMITHERS Elizabeth

RIDE Mary                   4May1786 Worplesdon SRY              SmitT6B SMITHERS William

SMITH Ann                  28Apr1709 Seale SRY                   SmitT7  SMITHERS William   

SMITH Herbert F            14Sep1879 Hackney MDX                 SmitT0  SMITHERS Jane

STRATFORD Amye             21Jul1720 St Botolph Bshsgate LND     SmitTW  SMITHIS Richard

STRUDWICK Christian         1Oct1760 Worplesdon SRY              SmitT0  SMITHERS William

STRUDWICK Jane             31Mar1801 Worplesdon SRY              SmitT0  SMITHERS James

TERRIE John                11Sep1642 Guildford St Mary SRY       SmitTG  SMITHER Ann     

WELLE Alice                 8Sep1583 Worplesdon SRY              SmitTW  SMYTHER Thomas

WHEELER Alice               3Oct1585 Worplesdon SRY              SmitTW  SMYHER Robert

WHEELER Elizabeth          10Oct1830 Worplesdon SRY              SmitT6A SMITHERS James

WHITE Elizabeth            23Jun1720 Wonersh SRY                 SmitT0  SMITHERS Richard

WINTER Mary                19Jan1639 Guildford St Mary SRY       SmitTW  SMITHER George







1)       B8 Origin of Thomas SMITHER, probably born about 1650