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8 Thomas SMITHERS c1650-1708



m Elizabeth c1675






There were SMITHERS in Worplesdon from at least 1587 to 1659 when the last member of the family, Thomas SMITHERS (notThomas SMITHERS-8), married to Eleanor, sold the 18 acres of land with orchard and cottage left to him by his father.  He received £60 and left the parish probably for St Botolph Bishopsgate in London.


After ten years without any record of Smithers in the parish, Thomas–8 baptised ten children at Worplesdon between 1679 and 1701. It is not known however whether he was related to the earlier Smither family or whether he was a newcomer to the parish.  He was married to Elizabeth, probably around 1675, but neither his marriage record nor his baptism has been identified.


Thomas was buried at Worplesdon in 1708 and Elizabeth in 1731.












?    1650     

?    1675 25 20

28Mar1679 29 24

16Sep1683 33 28

 2Apr1686 36 31

 6Apr1686 36 31

14May1687 37 32

 7Oct1688 38 33

 8Dec1691 41 36

 2Feb1693 43 38

 8Dec1694 44 39

 5Oct1697 47 42

23Feb1702 52 47

 3Jul1708 58 53

23May1731    76

Thomas born?

Thomas & Elizabeth married?

son Thomas baptised at Worplesdon

dau Elizabeth C at Worplesdon

twins Mary and Ann C at Worplesdon

dau Ann buried at Worplesdon

dau Mary buried at Worplesdon

son William C at Worplesdon

son James C at Worplesdon

son John C at Worplesdon

son James C at Worplesdon

son Richard C at Worplesdon

dau Mary C at Worplesdon

Thomas buried at Worplesdon

Elizabeth buried at Worplesdon





b=born  m=married  d=died

C=Christened       B=Buried



Thomas baptised his first son Thomas at Worplesdon in 1679 so he was probably born about 1650.  There is no suitable baptism at Worplesdon, though SMITHERS were present there from at least 16C. 


The last record of a SMITHER in the parish before 1679 was the death of Thomas SMITHER in 1659.  He had previously arranged that his land a and premises called Little Pidle would pass to his eldest son Thomas (see manorial record nelow).  Thomas and his wife Elinor promptly sold the land for £60 (see foot of fine below) and seem to have left the parish as no SMITHERS were recorded in the parish in the 1662 and 1664 hearth tax. Thomas and Eleanor possibly moved to Bishopsgate in London, as parents with these names baptised children there from 1645 to 1662.  However their son named Thomas died there in 1644.


A family tree for the SMITHERS of Worplesdon in the 16/17C incorporating the London St Botolph’s Bishopsgate family has been constructed (see SMITHERS-TW)


SMITHERS is a common Surrey name, and Thomas-8 may have been a newcomer to the parish with no connection to the previous Worplesdon family


Only three possible Thomas baptisms near Worplesdon are known:


C 14Aug1636 s Thomas  & Jone SMYTHER  at Guildford Holy Trinity

C 26Feb1643 s William SMITHER (& Ann) at Bramley

C 29Jul1663 s William & Ann SMITHER   at Guildford Holy Trinity


The Bramley family can be discounted since the 1687 will of William of Bramley refers to his grandson James, son of Thomas, but Thomas of Worplesdon’s son James not born until 1694.  The son of William and Ann looks promising as Thomas of Worplesdon used these names for his chidren. However, unless this was a late baptism, he would have been only 16 when he baptised his first child at Worplesdon, which seems very unlikely. If Thomas son of Thomas and Jone moved to Worplesdon he would have baptised children from aged 43 to 65 and died aged 72. These are possible ages but it has not been possible to prove or disprove this origin of Thomas-8.


A 16/17C SMITHERS tree TG has been constructed for the Guildford Holy Trinity family.  




Thomas & Elizabeth baptised children between 1679 and 1701, so their marriage was probably about 1675.  No suitable marriage has been identified.


Thomas Smither married Elizabeth Goddard at Hascombe in 1667 but this gives an unlikely 12 year delay before the baptism of their first born in Worplesdon


Thomas SMITH and Elizabeth GIBBS  m15Apr1678 at Merstham, Surrey, but this m was not found in the printed transcript of Merstham PR nor in a microfilm of the original.  IGI source is a temple record and states Elizabeth GIBBS was of Haselor Warwick.  There were two baptisms to these parents at Haselor: Thomas in 1686 and Elizabeth in 1689 and this marriage is almost certainly not relevant. There are other Thomas SMITH/Elizabeth marriages, eg 11Jan1679 at St James, Dukes Place, but the register entry is clearly not Smither.



from Worplesdon register:


C 28Mar1679 Thomas     s Thomas SMITHER

C 16Sep1683 Elizabeth  d Thomas SMITHARD

C  2Apr1686 Mary  twin d Thomas SMITHARD; B 14May1687 Mary  d of Thomas SMITHER

C  2Apr1686 Ann   twin d Thomas SMITHARD; B  6Apr1686 Ann  d of Thomas SMITHER with affidavit

C  7Oct1688 William    s Thomas SMITHARD

C  2Feb1691+John       s Thomas & Elizabeth SMITHER

C  8Dec1694 James      s Thomas & Elizabeth SMITHER

C  5Oct1697 Richard    s Thomas & Elizabeth SMITHER

C 23Feb1701+Mary       d Thomas SMITHER


there are possible burials of Thomas & Elizabeth at Worplesdon with no suitable alternatives, but no confirmation that these are correct:


B  3Jul1708    Thomas SMITHER

B 23May1731 Elizabeth SMITHER




Manorial and Land Records


Worplesdon Manor 1653-1662 ref:G97/6/2 (Guildford Muniment Room)


Court Baron 20Dec1653; no SMITHER on jury


Court Baron 24Jul1656, jury: John MARTYN, Wm OAKELY, Wm CLIFTON, Henry BAKER, Richard NAKER, Henry MARTYN, Abraham ESTEED, Thomas COX, Richard HUNTINGFORD, Edward HEATHER, Stevn SMYTH, Thomas LOVELAND, Richard HAREWOOD, John GYLES, Robt KINGE;


Thomas SMITHER the elder one of the customary tenants of the manor did on 1Jun1655 surrender to the lord by the acceptance of Robt KINGE and John GYLES two customary tenants of the manor all the part of a messuage or cottage and one parcel of land with the app. commonly called Little Pidle to the use of the said Thomas SMETHER the elder for his life and after his decease to the use of Thomas SMETHER the younger, son of the said Thomas SMETHER, and his heirs.  The said Thomas the elder and Thomas the younger being present in court desired admission to the premises to whom the lord did grant the premises; fine 5/- both admitted


Cout Baron 27May1658; Tho SMETHER on jury


Court Baron 20Jul1659: no SMITHER on jury


Court Baron 15Aug1662 (in latin) Thomas SMITHIER surrd...Robt KING, Johis GILES...Froggrowe...Thomas SMITH de Milford



Foot of Fine     ref:TNA CO/25/2/602/1658H


Final agreement made in court of Common Bench Westminster, 8 days of Purification of Mary 1658.  Thomas SMYTH gent plaintiff, Thomas SMITHER and Elenor his wif deforc. 1 messuage,  1 garden, 1 orchard, 8 acres land, 4a meadow, 6a pasture, common of pasture for all manner of cattle, common of turbary  with app in Worplesdon remised and quitclaimed from the said Thomas Smither & Elenor....Thomas Smith hath given £60 sterling to Thomas Smyther & Elenor.


On reverse: 1st 12Feb1658, 2nd 2May1659, 3rd 7June1659, 4th 26Oct1659





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