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7 Richard SMITHERS 1697-1764



1m Elizabeth WHITE 1720; ?2m Mary c1746





Richard was baptised in Worplesdon, the ninth child of ten born to Thomas & Elizabeth SMITHERS.When he was 23 he married Elizabeth WHITE from the parish of Wonersh, some 8 miles away on the other side of Guildford.They were married at St.Marthaís on the HillThere is no record of Richardís occupation, but he was probably an agricultural labourer.


Richard and Elizabeth baptised four children in Wonersh before moving back to Worplesdon about 1730 when Richard's mother died.Two more children were baptised in Worplesdon before Elizabeth died in 1743 and was buried in Worplesdon


Richard probably married again to Mary, since four children were baptised to Richard & Mary between 1748 and 1757, but a record of the marriage has not been found.Mary died in 1763 and Richard died a year later aged 67.Both were buried in the churchyard at Worplesdon.








†††††††††† age



†††††††††††††††††††††† EVENT


23Jun1720 23††

12Aug1722 25††

2Feb1723 26††

5Jan1725 28††

8Sep1728 31††

23May1731 34††

††† c1731 34††

24Apr1731 34††

22Jul1733 36††

26May1743 46††

††† c1746 49††

18Sep1748 51††

2Jun1751 54††

14Jul1753 56††

23Jan1756 59††

3Apr1757 60††

21Dec1757 60††

31Dec1762 65††

25Jun1764 67††

Richard C at Worplesdon , son of Thomas& Elizabeth SMITHER

Richard SMITHER m Elizabeth WHITE of Wonersh at St Marthaís on the Hill

dau Sarah C at Wonersh

dau Ann C at Wonersh

son Richard C at Wonersh

son Richard C at Wonersh

Richard's mother Elizabeth buried at Worplesdon

moved from Wonersh to Worplesdon

son William C at Worplesdon

son Thomas C at Worplesdon

Elizabeth buried at Worplesdon

? Richard married Mary

son George†† C at Worplesdon

son CharlesC at Worplesdon

dau Margaret C at Worplesdon

dau Jane†††† C at Worplesdon

dau Jane buried at Worplesdon

dau Christian C at Worplesdon

wife Mary buried at Worplesdon

Richard buried at Worplesdon








C=Christened††††† B=Buried



There is only one baptism in the Worplesdon registers at a realistic date for the Richard who married in 1720 and died in 1764.One of Richard's children was named Thomas and there is little doubt that this is the correct baptism.


C 5Oct1697 Richards Thomas& Elizabeth SMITHER



Thomas-6 was baptised 22Jul1733 at Worplesdon son of Richard SMITHERS.This baptism is preceded by the baptism of William, son of Richard, in 1731, but there is no Richard marriage at Worplesdon before this date and no record of the motherís name.There is a suitable m at Wonersh, some 8 miles away on the other side of Guildford:


m 23Jun1720 Richard SMITHER single of Worplesdon & Elizabeth WHITE single otp at St Marthas by banns


Since Richard was of Worplesdon and the interval between this m and the Worplesdon baptisms is filled with baptisms at Wonersh, there is no doubt that this is the correct marriage.Research into two other Richard marriages at Farnham and Windlesham excluded these as possibilities (Farnham Richard died, Windlesham Richard baptised children at Chobham).


There is a second set of Worplesdon baptisms to Richard & Mary between 1748 and 1757 .No other Richard is known in the parish and there is a suitable burial of Richardís first wife in 1743.It seems very likely that Richard remarried Mary, and there is a suitable marriage at the Fleet in London where Richard is described as a husbandman and widower:


m 5Nov1747 Richard SMITHER husb. widr & Mary Turner widow


from Wonersh register:


C 12Aug1722 Sarah†† d Richard& Eliz SMITHER

C2Feb1723 Ann†††† d Richd††† & Eliz SMITHER

C5Jan1725 Richard s Richard& Elizabeth SMITHER

C8Sep1728 Richard s Richard& Elizabeth SMITHER


from Worplesdon register:


C 24Apr1731 William s Richard SMITHER

C 22Jul1733 Thomass Richard SMITHERS


C 18Sep1748 George†††† s Richard SMITHER

C2Jun1751 Charles††† s Richard SMITHERS

C 14Jul1753 Margaret†† d Richard & Mary SMITHERS

C 23Jan1756 Jane†††††† d Richard & Mary SMITHER; B3Apr1757 Jane SMITHERS infant

C 21Dec1757 Christiand Richard & Mary SMETHER



there is only one possible burial of Richard in the Worplesdon register:


B 25Jun1764 Richard SMITHER senior


"senior" implies the presence of a son Richard in the parish; this is undoubtedly the son baptised at Wonersh since he was buried at Worplesdon in 1794 aged 70, so born about 1724.


There are suitable Worplesdon burials for Richard's first wife and also his second wife, though no proof that these are the correct burials:


B 26May1743 Elizabeth SMITHER

B 31Dec1762 Mary SMITHER





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