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21 October 2008




Dr Geoffrey Mann

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6 Thomas SMITHERS 1733-1812


spouse’s records

m Elizabeth HALE




Thomas lived all his 78 years in the parish of Worplesdon where he was an agricultural labourer.  He was baptised at Worplesdon in 1733, youngest son of Richard & Mary SMITHERS, and married Elizabeth HALE there in 1761 when he was 28 years old. 


Thomas & Elizabeth baptised seven children at Worplesdon parish church and from at least 1779 they were living at Perry Hil in the centre of the village.  Elizabeth died in 1789 but Thomas remained at Perry Hill for another 23 years until he died in 1812.  They were both buried at Worplesdon












14Nov1761 28 19

 3Jan1763 30 21

20May1764 31 22

 6Jan1766 33 24

 7Feb1768 35 26

27May1770 37 28

16Jul1775 42 33

25Jul1779 46 37

 5Apr1789 56 46

12Aug1812 78  

Thomas C at Worplesdon, son of Richard & Mary SMITHERS

married Elizabeth HALE at Worplesdon

son Thomas C at Worplesdon

dau Elizabeth C at Worplesdon

dau Mercy C at Worplesdon

dau Ann C at Worplesdon

dau Sarah C at Worplesdon

son Henry C at Worplesdon

son James C at Worplesdon; address: Perry Hill

Elizabeth, wife of Thomas SMITHER buried at Worplesdon

Thomas (of Perry hill) buried at Worplesdon







b=born  m=married  d=died

C=Christened      B=Buried



There is only one suitable Thomas C at Worplesdon for the Thomas who m Elizabeth HALE there in 1761


C 22Jul1733 Thomas  s Richard SMITHERS


this date agrees with the burial age of Thomas in 1812, and gives a marriage age of 28; there is little reason to doubt that this is the correct baptism, though the name Richard was not used for any of his children




James-SMITHERS 5 was baptised 25Jul1779 at Worplesdon son of Thomas & Elizabeth SMYTHER of Perry Hill.  There is only one suitable Thomas/Elizabeth m at Worplesdon, and although this is some 18 years before the baptism, the intervening years have regular baptisms to these parents (including Henry - also used by James-5 for one of his sons).  Little reason therefore to doubt that this is the correct marriage:


m 14Nov1761 Thomas SMITHER otp & Elizabeth x HALE otp by banns; wit: Geo HALE, John Ingatton (church warden)



from Worplesdon register:


C  3Jan1763 Thomas    s Thomas & Elizabeth SMITHER

C 20May1764 Elizabeth d Thomas & Elizabeth SMITHER

C  6Jan1766 Mercy     d Thomas & Elizabeth SMITHER

                                 C  8Feb1786 William baseborn s Mercy SMITHER, Perry Hill

                                 B  7Apr1786 William  infant, s Mercy SMITHER, Perry Hill

C  7Feb1768 Ann       d Thomas & Elizabeth SMITHER

C 27May1770 Sarah     d Thomas & Elizabeth SMITHER

                                 B 9Jul1791 Sarah 21, d Thomas & Elizabeth SMITHER, Perry Hill

C 16Jul1775 Henry     s Thomas & Elizabeth SMITHER

C 25Jul1779 James     s Thomas & Elizabeth SMYTHER, Perry Hill




there is only one suitable burial of Thomas, and only one suitable burial of Elizabeth at Worplesdon:


B  5Apr1789   Elizabeth SMITHER 46, wife of Thomas SMITHER, of W [b1743]

B 12Aug1812 Thomas SMITHER   78, labourer of Perry Hill [b1734]


place names were given by abbreviations, PH for Perry Hill; no other example of W was found; it probably stands for Worplesdon; parts of the parish known as Wyke or West End, were spelled in full




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