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5 James SMITHERS 1779-1845


spouse’s records

1m Jane STRUDWICK;  2m Sarah EVANS 1803





James was born in Worplesdon, the youngest child of Thomas & Elizabeth.  He began work as a labourer, but later became a farmer.  He married a Worplesdon girl when he was 21, but she died 5 months later.  Two years later, he remarried Sarah EVANS in nearby Stoke church near Guildford and they had at least 5 children all baptised at Worplesdon.


James lived most of his life at Perry Hill in the centre of Worplesdon, though at his death of heart disease aged 66, his address was nearby Goose Rye.  Sarah remained in Worplesdon with her married daughter Ann until she died aged 90.  Sarah left everything, less than £100, to Ann who was married to Christopher MAY, the parish clerk.












31Mar1801 21  

14Aug1801 22  

10Sep1803 24 23

27Jul1805 25 24

 1Mar1807 27 26

22Oct1809 30 28

11Jul1813 33 32

17Nov1816 37 35

 7Oct1837 58 56

 1Mar1841 61 60

 6Jun1841 61 60

20Nov1844 65 63

15Oct1845 66 64

22Oct1845 66 64

30Mar1851    70

 7Apr1861    80

22Feb1870    89

 2Apr1871    90

10Jun1871    90

16Jun1871    90

James C at Worplesdon, son of Thomas & Elizabeth SMYTHER of Perry Hill

m Jane STRUDWICK at Worplesdon (signed with x)

Jane, wife of James of Perry Hill, buried at Worplesdon

m Sarah EVANS at Stoke next Guildford (signed with x)

son Frederick C at Worplesdon; address: Perry Hill

dau Martha C at W; address: Perry Hill

dau Hannah (Ann) C at W; address: Perry Hill

son Henry C at W; James a labourer

son James Smither C at Worplesdon

James described as a farmer of Worplesdon in affidavit by Martha Mercer

dau Ann m James MAY at Shere

farmer at Perry Hill with wife and Henry

James described as a farmer of Attfields Farm, Worplesdon at m of son Henry

James, a farmer, died at Worplesdon of heart disease

James, of Goose Rye, buried at Worplesdon

Sarah at Windsor with son Frederick

Sarah living with dau Ann MAY, wife of parish clerk, at Perry Hill

Sarah made last will leaving everything to daughter Ann

Sarah living with dau Ann and so Frederick at Perry Hill

Sarah died at Perry Hill; death registered by Frederick

Sarah of Perry Hill, buried at Worplesdon








b=born  m=married  d=died

C=Christened      B=Buried



The 41 census, death and burial record give a birth date of 1779/80, and he married, baptised his children and died at Worplesdon.  There is a suitable baptism in that parish:


C 25Jul1779 James s Thomas  & Elizabeth SMYTHER, Perry Hill


Perry Hill is in the centre of the village


there were two other James baptised at Worplesdon:

C 24Apr1768 s William & Christian SMITHER;

C 18Jun1786 s Thomas & Leah SMITHER, West End


the first however was buried in 1834 aged 47, while the second who also m a Sarah, was described as a publican in the 1841 census, whereas the baptism and marriage records of James’ son (James 4) note that his father was a farmer.  A witness at James' marriage was Thomas x S--hor {Smither?}, probably his father.  For further discussion of the different James SMITHERS, see SMITHERS tree TM




the affidavit to correct the 1816 baptismal record in the Worplesdon register of James-4 shows that his parents were James SMITHERS and Sarah EVANS.  There is a suitable marriage in the neighbouring parish of Stoke next Guildford:


m 10Sep1803 Stoke next Guildford: James x SMITHER of Worplesdon parish and Sarah EVANS spr otp by banns

                       witness: Rebekah x SOUTH, Thomas x S--hor {Smither?}


However there is an earlier Worplesdon entry for marriage of James SMITHER to Jane STRUDWICK followed by  burial of Jane:


m 31Mar1801 Worplesdon:James x SMITHER otp & Jane x STRUDWICK otp by banns; wit: Thomas STRUDWICK, JI

B 14Aug1801 Worplesdon: Jane, 21, wife of James SMITHER, Perry Hill


There is no corroborating evidence that this is the same James, but there is no other suitable James in the Worplesdon register, and James was of Perry Hill when he baptised his children


from Worplesdon register:


C 27Jul1805 Frederick     s James & Elizabeth SMITHERS,  Perry Hill

C  1Mar1807 Martha        d James & Sarah SMITHER,       Perry Hill

C 11Sep1808 Louisa        d James & Mary{?} SMITHER,     Perry Hill

C 22Oct1809 Hannah        d James & Sarah SMITHER,       Perry Hill; m James MAY, parish clerk

C 11Jul1813 Henry         s James & Sarah SMITHER,       labourer; m Elizabeth GODDARD

C 17Nov1816 James Smither s James & Sarah SMITHER        b10Oct1816


census records show that James & Sarah had a son Frederick b c1806, proving that the register entry of Elizabeth was an error for Sarah

census records also show they had a daughter Ann b c1810 Ann which is probably a contraction of Hannah; Ann m James MAY at Shere 1Mar1841


the entry for Louisa’s mother is probably another error, Mary for Sarah.  No other records of James & Mary found.

a Louisa SMITHERS m John SKILTON 5Oct1829 at Haslemere

marriage certificate


m 20Nov1844 at Worplesdon parish church by banns

Henry SMITHERS bch full farmer, Attfields Farm, Worplesdon & Elizabeth GODDARD spr full, Worplesdon

fathers:James SMITHER, farmer; James GODDARD, labourer; w: James x GODDARD, Mary GODDARD






d 15Oct1845 James SMITHER male 66 farmer; died at Worplesdon from heart disease

r 20Oct1845 at Woking, Guildford SRY by Henry SMITHER son, of Worplesdon pad


d 10Jun1871 Sarah SMITHER female 90 widow of James SMITHER, farmer; died at Perry Hill, Worplesdon from old age

r 15Jun1871 at Woking, Guildford SRY by Frederick SMITHER, of Perry Hill, Worplesdon pad

from Worplesdon register:


B 22Oct1845 James SMITHER, 66, Goose Rye [b 1779]

B 16Jun1871 Sarah SMITHER, 91, Perry Hill [b 1780]

will of Sarah:


Sarah SMITHER widow late of Perry Hill, Worplesdon s 22Feb1870 d 10Jun1871 at Perry Hill p 7Jul1871 by James MAY:

all (<£100) to daughter Ann MAY wife of James MAY of Worplesdon, parish clerk




1841 Worplesdon, Perry Hill HO107/1080 En District 5  f7


James      SMITHERS           60  1781    farmer                                          y

Sarah      SMITHERS           60  1781                                                    y

Henry      SMITHERS           25  1816                                                    y

Isaac      GUNNER             20  1821    male servant                                    y

Charles    COOK               15  1826    male servant                                    y

Charlotte  CHANDLER           15  1826    female servant                                  y


1851 Old Windsor Green, Berks; Mill's Buildings, HO107/1695 f266


Frederick  SMITHERS    he mar 45  1806    gardener (proprietor of houses)       Worplesdon SRY

Jane       SMITHERS    wi mar 53  1798                                  Bishopswa--nth, Durham

Sarah      SMITHERS    mo wid 70  1781    retired farmers [blank]       Lower Froyle, Hampshire


1861 Worplesdon, Perry Hill RG9/424 f55


James      MAY         he mar 54  1807    parish clerk                          Worplesdon

Ann        MAY         wi mar 52  1809

Sarah      SMITHER     bo wid 80  1781    farmer's widow    bo=boarder          Froyle, Hants


1871 Worplesdon, Perry Hill RG10/808 f24


James      MAY         he mar 64  1807    parish clerk                          Worplesdon

Ann        MAY         wi mar 61  1810    wife of parish clerk                  Worplesdon

Sarah      SMITHERS    mo wid 90  1781    retired farmer's wife                 Froyle, Hants

Frederick  SMITHERS    br wdr 65  1806    retired tax collector                 Worplesdon





will of Henry SMITHERS brother of James


Henry SMITHERS beerhouse keeper of 10 Margaret St, Hackney, St John, s 24Apr1873 d 14Feb1874 p 23Feb1874 by Elizabeth SMITHERS wid of 10 Margaret St;

everything to wife (<£200);  witness: Isaac CASH of 4 West St, Well St Hackney, grocer; William WEBB of 8 West St, Well St, Hackney, baker


will of Frederick SMITHERS son of James:


Frederick SMITHER of 4 Stoughton Terrace, Stoke-nr-Guildford of no occupation.  James William LOVELAND of 23 Stoughton Terrace, executor and undertaker;

 to be buried in Worplesdon churchyard near my sister; all to John and Emily SHIRLY of 3 Stoughton Terrace. wit: Stewart RAMSAY 5 Stoughton Terrace, carman; Sarah RAMSAY; s 14Sep1891 p 1Feb1892




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