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4 James Smither SMITHERS 1816-1906


spouse’s records

m Elizabeth BROWN 1837





James Smither SMITHERS was born at Worplesdon Surrey in 1816, son of James, a farmer, and Sarah, but when he was 13, he was apprenticed to John POTTS or PITT as a carpenter in Slough, where his uncle, Joseph EVANS, was a wine merchant.


Immediately after his 7 years apprenticeship, he married Elizabeth BROWN at Cookham and their first child Elizabeth Evans, was born a year later at Upton, near Slough.


The family then moved to East London, where James tried his hand as a coal dealer and a greengrocer (probably with his brother Henry who was a greengrocer in Bethnal Green) before returning to Berkshire to run the Nags Head public house near Windsor. They were there for two years, during which time James became overseer of the poor for Bray parish.  They then returned to Mile End and James resumed his original trade of carpenter.  They remained there for at least 15 years, and had 10 children altogether, the last two being twins.


Just two months before the twins were born, their eldest daughter, Elizabeth Evans aged 19, had an illegitimate child born in the family home.  She later had a second illegitimate child, Lavinia, but this was born in the workhouse.


By 1881, James and Elizabeth had moved to Hackney with their married daughter Jane and unmarried son James.  James' brother Henry, the greengrocer,  lived in the same street, though he probably died in 1874.


Some time later, perhaps about 1886, James and Elizabeth moved to Shoeburyness where the two married daughters of Elizabeth Evans lived.  Elizabeth died at Shoebury in 1888.   James stayed in Shoebury at Hinguar Street for some years as a carpenter, but eventually moved back to East London where he died in 1906 aged 89, attended by his youngest daughter Jane.













  Jun1830 13  

 6Aug1837 20 20

 5Oct1838 21 21

 6Jun1841 24 24

 9Sep1841 24 24

25Jun1844 27 27

     1845 28 28

25Mar1845 28 28

25Mar1846 29 29

26Jul1846 29 29

 1Jul1848 31 31

 2Jun1850 33 33

30Mar1851 34 34

23Sep1852 35 35

24Aug1853 36 36

30Nov1853 37 37

23Dec1854 38 38

15Jan1858 41 41

14Mar1858 41 41

 7Apr1861 44 44

11Nov1864 48 48

28Dec1864 48 48

26Mar1865 48 48

25Dec1865 49 49

 2Apr1871 54 54

 3Apr1881 64 64


27May1888 71 71

 5Apr1891 74  


31Nar1901 84

26Apr1906 89  

James born at Worplesdon, parents James & Sarah SMITHERS

C at Worplesdon; godparents Joseph EVANS (uncle) of Slough, and Martha MERCER

apprenticed to John PITT, carpenter of Slough

married Elizabeth BROWN at Cookham; James was a carpenter of Cookham

dau Elizabeth Evans born at Upton near Slough

living at 23 Edward St Bethnal Green; no occupation given for James

dau Martha born at Edward St, New Lock, Islington; James was a coal dealer

rented the Nags Head at Oakley Green, Bray

dau Mary Ann born at Maidenhead

overseer of the poor at Bray

ceased to be overseer of the poor

son James Evans C at St Dunstan’s Stepney; James was a carpenter of Mile End

son George born Mile End

dau Sarah Ann born Mile End

at 3 York St Mile End with 6 children Elizabeth,Martha,Mary,James,George,Sarah

dau Eliza born Mile End

dau Eliza baptized at St Peter Cephas St; James a carpenter at 3 York Place

George and Sarah Ann baptized at St Peter; James a carpenter at 3 York St

son Joseph born at Mile End; C at St.Peter 10Jan; James a carpenter at 3 York St

twins Thomas and Jane born; C 26Feb at St Peter; James a carpenter at 2 Devonshire St BG

grandaughter Elizabeth Mary Ann born at 2 Devonshire St (da of Elizabeth Evans)

carpenter at Devonshire St with wife and 6 children:  Elizabeth Evans, Eliza and Sarah missing

wife and daughter Elizabeth examined by Mile End Workhouse Board; address:2 Devonshire St

granddaughter Lavinia Jessie born in Mile End Workhouse

James, carpenter, witnessed m of daughter Martha at St Peter, Cephas St.

James, carpenter, witnessed m of daughter Mary Ann at St Peter, Cephas St

census not found

at 40 Margaret St, Hackney with married daughter Jane, son-in-law and gson

moved to Shoeburyness

Elizabeth died from heart disease at Shoeburyness; James present at death

James a carpenter at 2 Hinguar St, Shoebury lodging with the COLLIS family

James moved to 114 Dunlace Rd, Lower Clapton

James was a pauper in the Hackney? workhouse

James died at Hackney Union Infirmary; daughter Jane in attendance








b=born  m=married  d=died

C=Christened       B=Buried




According to the 51 81 and 91 census James was born in Worplesdon Surrey about 1818; there is no suitable baptism there, but an attachment to the register explains why:


Martha Mercer, the wife of Joseph Mercer of Worplesdon in the County of Surrey, husbandman, maketh Oath and saith that she has been for many years acquainted with James Smithers of Worplesdon aforesaid, farmer, and Sarah his wife, formerly Sarah Evans spinster.  And that on 1Oct1816, the said Sarah Smithers gave birth to a son, and in November 1816 this deponent acted as Godmother at the Baptism of the said son in the parish church of Worplesdon.  The Godfather was James Evans, late of Slough in the County of Buckingham, wine merchant, brother of the said Sarah Smithers, and John Hepburn of Wood Street, Worplesdon, husbandman.  The Baptismal names then given to the said son of James and Sarah Smithers were James Smither.  She has examined the Register of Baptisms and is unable to find therein a correct entry of the said Baptism, but she has found an entry in the following form and words: James, son of James and Sarah Fnullers of Worplesdon, baptised 17Nov1816.  And she believes the second baptismal name of Smither was omitted and the name of Fnullers was therein inserted through mistake by the said officiating Minister.  And this deponent has been well acquainted with her Godson the said James Smither Smithers from the time of his birth until the present time, and knows that in or about the month of June in 1830 he was apprenticed to John Pitt of Slough in the County of Buckingham, carpenter.  Sworn at Guildford 7Oct1837


The register contains the Fnullers entry, but the oath of Martha Mercer makes it clear that James Smither SMITHERS was born 1Oct1816 and baptised 17Nov1816, son of James and Sarah (formerly EVANS).  There is no doubt that this is the correct reference as their first daughter was baptised Elizabeth Evans, and James frequently used his double name Smither SMITHERS





In the poor law examination by the Mile End guardians (see Elizabeth Evans  SMITHERS 3), Elizabeth stated that she was married to James Smither SMITHERS at Cookham on 6Aug1837.  The marriage certificate confirms this:


m  6Aug1837 at Cookham Parish Church  James SMITHERS bch 22 carpenter of Cookham & Elizabeth BROWN spr 21 of Cookham

fa: James SMITHERS, farmer, George BROWN, gardener;  wit: Mary Ann BURNINGHAM, W.W IBBOTSON, Geo. VENABLES church warden





b  5Oct1838 Elizabeth Evans, Upton BKM

b  9Sep1841 Martha, Shoreditch MDX              m James GARNER 1865

b    3q1843 James Evans, Shoreditch MDX [from GRO index]

b      1845 Mary Ann, Maidenhead [1]            m Henry Charles MURRELL 1865

b  1Jul1848 George, Stepney                     m Ann Emily FOUND 1871

b 25Jun1846 James Evans, Stepney;               m Sarah Anne Teresa BRADLEY 1867

b  2Jun1850 Sarah Ann, Stepney [Sarah Ann in GRO index; C Ann at St Peter]

b 23Sep1852 Eliza, Stepney

b 10Jan1855 Joseph, Stepney

b 15Jan1858 Thomas, Stepney

b 26Feb1858 Jane, Stepney                       m Herbert Frank SMITH 1879


[1] from census and m cert – birth not found at GRO]

birth certificates:


b  5Oct1838 Elizabeth Evans  female at Upton; father James Smithers SMITHERS carpenter; m: Elizabeth BROWN

r 28Oct1838 at Eton Bucks by James Smithers SMITHERS of Upton


b 25Jun1846 James Evans boy at 7 East St, Globe fields, Stepney

f: James Smither SMITHERS carpenter; m: Elizabeth SMITHERS formerly BROWN

r 5Aug1846 at Mile End Old Town, lower District, Stepney, MDX by E.SMITHERS, mother, 7 East St


b 9Jul1848 George at 7 East St Globefields; father: James Smither SMITHERS carpenter; m: Elizabeth SMITHERS formerly BROWN

r 17Aug1848 at Mile End Old Town lower disrict by E Smithers, mother of 7 East St Stepney

[data from Maureen Smithers, a probable descendant of George]


from register of St John Baptist, Shoreditch

C 24Oct1841 b 9Sep1841 Martha  d James & Elizabeth SMITHERS; Edward St, New Lock, coal dealer

from register of St Dunstan, Stepney

C 26Jul1846 James Evans s James  & Elizabeth SMITHERS; Mile End Old Town, carpenter

from register of St Peter, Cephas St Stepney:


C 30Nov1853 b  1Jul1848 George  s James & Elizabeth SMYTHIES, 3 York St,       carpenter

C 30Nov1853 b  2Jun1850 Ann     d James & Elizabeth SMYTHIES, 3 York St,       carpenter

C 24Aug1853 b 23Sep1852 Eliza   d James & Elizabeth SMITHERS, 3 York Place,    carpenter

C 10Jan1855 b 23Dec1854 Joseph  s James & Elizabeth SMITHERS, 3 York St,       carpenter

C 26Feb1858 b 15Jan1858 Thomas  s James & Elizabeth SMITHERS, 2 Devonshire St, carpenter

C 26Feb1858 b 15Jan1858 Jane    d James & Elizabeth SMITHERS, 2 Devonshire St, carpenter

marriage certificates:


m 26Mar1865 at Stepney St Peter, Cephas St

James GARNER bch 22 carpenter, 21 Regent St & Martha SMITHERS spr 23, 21 Regent St

f:Thompson Garner dec, James Smither SMITHERS,carpenter; w:James Smither SMITHERS, M--ey LOOKER


m 25Dec1865 at Stepney St Peter, Cephas St

Henry Charles MURRELL bch 21 brushmaker, 31 Regent St & Mary Ann SMITHERS spr 20, 31 Regent St

f:Henry MURRELL, brushmaker, James Smither SMITHERS, carpenter;  w: James Smither SMITHERS, Martha SMITHERS


m 23Jun1867 at Holy Trinity Church, Brook Green, Hammersmith, district of Kensington, according to rites of Roman Catholics

James Evans SMITHERS, 20 bch bricklayers laborer, 5 Brook Green Lane, Hammersmith

& Sarah Anne Teresa BRADLEY 20 spr servant, 13 Elm Grove Hammersmith

f: James SMITHERS carpenter, Patrick BRADLEY weaver, deceased; w: George C COOPER, Fanny TOWNE


m 14Sep1879 at parish church of South Hackney MDX by banns

Herbert Frank SMITH bch full, brush maker,47 Elsdale St & Jane SMITHERS spr full, 46 Elsdale St

f: George SMITH brush maker; James SMITHERS carpenter; w: Henry Charles MURRELL, Marey MURRELL




d 27May1888 Elizabeth SMITHERS female 71 wife of James Smithers SMITHERS carpenter (journeyman) at Shoeburyness from heart disease;

r 29May1888 at Gt Wakering, Rochford ESS by James S SMITHERS wdr of deceased, of Shoeburyness, pad


d 26Apr1906 James Smither SMITHERS male 89 carpenter journeyman of 114 Dunlace Rd,Lower Clapton at Hackney Union Infirmary, Homerton from

            senile decay

r 30Apr1906 at South-East Hackney, LND by J SMITH daughter of 5 Cardigan Rd, Bow in attendance


1841 Bethnal Green, 23 Edward St HO107/707 bk4 dist8


James      SMITHERS           20  1821    [none stated]                n

Elizabeth  SMITHERS           20  1821                                 n

Elizabeth  SMITHERS           2   1839                                 n

Mary       PICKMAN            20  1821    FS                           n

Richard    KING               45  1796    cow keeper                   n

Mary       KING               40  1801                                 n

Eliza      WATSON             12  1829    FS                           n


1851 MEOT, 3 York St HO107/1553 f612


James      SMITHERS    he mar 33  1818    carpenter                    Worplesdon SRY

Elizabeth  SMITHERS    wi mar 32  1819                                 Maidenhead, Berks

Elizabeth  SMITHERS    da     12  1839    scholar                      Slough, Bucks

Martha     SMITHERS    da     9   1842    scholar                      Shoreditch MDX

Mary Ann   SMITHERS    da     6   1845    scholar                      Maidenhead, Berks

James      SMITHERS    so     4   1847                                 Mile End MDX

George     SMITHERS    so     2   1849                                 Mile End MDX

Sarah Ann  SMITHERS    da     1   1850                                 Mile Emd MDX


1861 Bethnal Green, 2 Devonshire St East RG9/299 f11


James      SMITHERS    he mar 43  1818    carpenter                    Guildford, Surrey

Elizabeth  SMITHERS    wi mar 42  1819                                 Maidenhead, Berks

Martha     SMITHERS    da unm 19  1842                                 Islington MDX

Mary A     SMITHERS    da     16  1845                                 Maidenhead, Berks

James      SMITHERS    so     14  1847    carpenter's apprentice       Mile End MDX

George     SMITHERS    so     12  1849    scholar                      Mile End MDX

Joseph     SMITHERS    so     6   1855    scholar                      Mile End MDX

Jane       SMITHERS    da     3   1858    twin                         Mile End MDX

Thomas     SMITHERS    so     3   1858    twin                         Mile End MDX


1871 Hackney, 19 Palace Rd RG10/332 f5 p6


James    SMITHER  he mar 54 carpenter  Worplesdon SRY

Elizabeth SMITHER  wi mar 53            Maidenhead BRK

Joseph    SMITHER  so     16 carpenter             MDX     

Thomas    SMITHER  so     13                       MDX

Jane      SMITHER  da     13                       MDX


1881 Hackney, 40 Margaret St, Homerton RG11/308 f24


Jas        SMITHERS    he mar 63  1818    carpenter              Worplesdon, SRY

Elizabeth  SMITHERS    wi mar 62  1819                           -

Jas        SMITHERS    so unm 25  1856    carpenter              London

Jane       SMITHERS    da mar 23  1858                           London

Frank      SMITHERS    sl mar 29  1852    brickmaker             London

Jas        SMITHERS    so     7m  1880                           London


NOTE:last three entries in error; should be Jane Frank and Jas SMITH; and Jas was a grandson (see m cert of Jane to Herbert Frank SMITH in Sep 1879)


1891 Shoeburyness, 2 Hinguar St RG12/1394/f80


Christopher COLLIS     he mar 39  1852    carpenter; 3 rooms; empd      Whitchurch, Hants

Sarah       COLLIS     wi mar 29  1862                                  Victoria, Australia

John G      COLLIS     so     2   1889                                  Shoeburyness

Christopher COLLIS     so     4m  1890                                  Shoeburyness

James       SMITHERS   lo wdr 74  1817    carpenter; 1 room; empld      Worplesdon SRY




James S SMITHERS   pauper  wdr  82  1719  retired carpenter         Surrey Worplesdon




1851 Bethnal Green, 44 Wellington St (Artillery St) HO107/1542 f227


Henry      SMITHERS    he mar 57  1794    greengrocer         Worplesdon SRY

Elizabeth  SMITHERS    wi mar 52  1799                        Worplesdon SRY

Henry      SMITHERS    so     5   1846                        Worplesdon SRY

James      SMITHERS    so     3   1848                        Bethnal Green, MDX

George     SMITHERS    so     1   1850                        Bethnal Green, MDX


NOTE: ages of Henry & Elizabeth should be 37 and 32, though the figure is a clear 5 Henry is brother of James


1871 Hackney, 10 Margaret St, Homerton RG10/326 f135


Henry      SMITHERS    he mar 58  1813    shopkeeper retired Guildford

Elizabeth  SMITHERS    wi mar 53  1818                       Guildford

James J[?] SMITHERS    so unm 23  1848    bricklayer         London




Rough Settlement Examination by Stepney Board of Guardians, Mile End 11Nov1864

Met Arch:StBG/ME/97/4 7755


SMITHERS Elizth (26) Workho:- Spr, pregnant, (see Jo's 4456 and 4301); 1 child Elizabeth Mary Anne, 5 in Mick [Mch?] last, born at 2 Devonshire St wks at home 2 Devonshire St East [in margin: not give];  prior No.1 St James Rd [written above: Mr Tiboumercy] -] past St James Ch - near Victoria Park Gates) then 1/1 wks;  prior at home for a fortnight;  prior at M? Stephensons, Lincoln St


Cx [cross-examine] Elizabeth SMITHERS the elder (47) 2 Devonshire St.  Pauper is my daughter by my husband James Smither SMITHERS to whom I was married at Cookham in Berkshire 6Aug1837;   did rent a greengrocer shop in the City Road;   went to Bray Berkshire after that I am positive.    On 25Jun1844 we took rented of Jno Edwards Langton of Maidenhead Berks a licensed Public House known as the Nags Head in Bray Parish at £19-19-0;  he was overseer of the poor from 25Mar1845 to 25Mar1846 [in margin: see copy agreet]


Order on Bray 12Nov1864


[NOTES: wks= works or weeks?  1/1=1m1wk?;, Eliz was domestic servant at 64 Lincoln St at baptism of daughter Elizabeth Mary Ann in 1858; she may have still been there in 1861 but the census for Lincoln St is missing; in the 71 census Mrs Stephenson was at 62 Lincoln St but not Elizabeth;   Stephenson and Tiboumercy probably employed Elizabeth as servant; 1a St James Rd was occupied by the curate of St James the Less; Nags head in Oakley Green, 3m S Bray, 3m from Old Windsor where James mother and brother were in 1851



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