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3 Elizabeth Evans SMITHERS 1838-1884



m Timothy NOONAN 1871





Elizabeth Evans SMITHERS was born in Upton near Slough in 1838, one year after her parents James and Elizabeth BROWN were married at Cookham.  She was named Evans from the maiden surname of her father’s mother.  Shortly after Elizabeth was born, the family moved to Shoreditch, where James was a coal merchant and greengrocer.


When Elizabeth was six, the family moved back to Berkshire and James rented a public house, the Nags Head, near Windsor.  Two years later, the family was back in the East End, where James pursued his original trade of carpenter. 


In 1851, Elizabeth was 12 and a scholar living with the family in Mile End, but at 19 she had an illegitimate child, Elizabeth Mary Ann, born at her parent’s house in Devonshire St, only 2 months after her mother had born twins at the same address.  Two years later she was living with her new daughter in the next road to her parents, earning her living as a stay-maker.  Elizabeth baptised her daughter when she was 4 years old; Elizabeth was then 24 and a domestic servant to the Stephenson family in Lincoln St.


Later that year (1863), Elizabeth claimed poor relief and appeared before the Mile End guardians.  But she was not entitled to relief in Mile End, and was ordered to be removed to Slough.  There is no evidence that she was so removed however, since in 1864 she was pregnant again and re-examined by the Board of Guardians.  This time she was allowed to stay, but the cost of relief was to be paid by the parish of Bray. 


Her second daughter was born in 1864 in the Mile End workhouse; Elizabeth was 26.  She signed the birth certificate with X, and named her new daughter Lavinia, the same name as Mrs Lavinia HOPE living next door to her parents (who had a daughter also named Lavinia just 12 days later).


It is possible that this time Elizabeth was removed from the East End along with her two daughters, since in 1871 all three were resident in Brentford.  Elizabeth was 32 and both she and her eldest daughter aged 12 were listed as dressmakers.  They were living in an alley off the Great West Road leading from London to Slough.  Possibly they were being transported to Slough when they escaped from their carrier; or they had been removed to Slough and were making their way back to London.


At Brentford in the same year, Elizabeth married an Irish soldier, Timothy NOONAN. Timothy was a student at the Kneller Hall School of Military Music in Whitton, some 3 miles from Brentford.  Timothy's service record shows that he left Bengal in December 1863, arriving in Dover on 29th April 1864, where he remained until the end of the year. Thus it is practically certain that he was not the father of Lavinia.


Timothy was discharged from the Army with a pension in March 1876 (see below for details of his career) and gave his intended residence as Whitton. But not long after, Elizabeth with her husband and two daughters moved to the garrison town of Shoeburyness in Essex for reasons as yet unknown.  Possibly Timothy moved to Shoebury for work on the building of the barracks begun in 1850.  Elizabeth’s eldest daughter married a soldier in Shoeburyness in 1879 but he died just 9 days later and a year later she married another soldier, Joseph Foster in 1880.  Click here for more details of her life.


By 1881, Elizabeth was living in Shoeburyness with her husband Timothy, her eldest daughter, her son-in-law Joseph Foster, and a baby grand-daughter.  Elizabeth was 42, but just 3 years later, she died of heart disease.  Her husband present at her death.









   DATE   ES




 6Jun1841  2

30Mar1851 12

14Mar1859 20


 7Apr1861 22            

 1Apr1863 24

 5Jun1863 24            

12Nov1864 26

17Dec1864 26

28Dec1864 26            

 2Apr1871 32

 1Jul1871 32

28Mar1876 37


 1Jan1879 40

 3Apr1881 42

25Jny1884 45

born at Upton Berks (near Slough)

with parents at 23 Edward St, Bethnal Green

scholar, with family at 3 York St, Mile End Old Town

dau Elizabeth Mary Ann born at parents house, 2 Devonshire St, Bethnal Green -

       - Elizabeth was a domestic.servant, address:Mile End Workhouse

at 19 Charles St with her daughter. Elizabeth was a stay maker

Elizabeth Mary Ann C at St Peter, Cephas St; Elizabeth was a domestic servant at 64 Lincoln St

receiving poor relief and ordered to be removed to Slough

with parents at 2 Devonshire St; examined by Mile End Board of Guardians

daughter Lavinia born at Mile End Workhouse

registered birth of Lavinia; signed with X; address: Mile End Workhouse

with her two daughters in  Brentford; Elizabeth was a dressmaker

married soldier Timothy NOONAN at Brentford

Timothy NOONAN discharged from army with a pension

moved to Shoeburyness with her husband and two daughters

daughter Elizabeth married a soldier at Shoebury

at 3 John St, Shoebury with her husband, and her eldest daughter’s family

died of heart disease at Shoebury








b=born  m=married   d=died

C=Christened        B=Buried




the 1851 census has Elizabeth born about 1839 in Slough, Bucks, daughter of James & Elizabeth; a suitable certificate was found for a birth at Upton, about 1 mile from Slough:


b 5Oct1838 Elizabeth Evans  female at Upton

r 28Oct1838 at Eton Bucks by James Smithers SMITHERS of Upton

f: James Smithers SMITHERS carpenter; m: Elizabeth BROWN




m 1Jul1871 at St Paul, Old Brentford MDX after banns

Timothy x NOONAN 36 bch labourer Old Brentford & Elizabeth x SMITHERS 32 wid Old Brentford

f: James NOONAN deceased labourer; James BROWN carpenter; wit: Samuel x STILWELL Susan x STILWELL


[Presumably, Elizabeth claimed she was a widow because she had two daughters with her; but then she could not give her father’s surname as Smithers.  Brown may have been a simple invention, but it was her mother’s maiden name]




b 14Mar1859 Elizabeth Mary Ann  female at 2 Devonshire St East; mother: Elizabeth SMITHERS

r  7May1859 at Mile End Old Town, Eastern, MDX by Elizabeth SMITHERS of Mile End Workhouse


b 17Dec1864 Lavinia  girl at Mile End Workhouse; mother: Elizabeth SMITHERS

r 28Dec1864 at Mile End Old Town, Eastern, MDX by Elizabeth x SMITHERS of Mile End Workhouse

from registers of St Peter Cephas St:


C 1Apr1863 b 14Mar1859 Elizabeth Mary Ann d of Elizabeth Smithers 64 Lincoln St  domestic servant


[Lavinia Smithers baptism not found Dec1864 - Jan1870, but a Lavinia HOPE was born next door to her parent’s house in 1865.  Her mother, Lavinia, would have been pregnant at the same time as Elizabeth and perhaps Lavinia SMITHERS was named after her]:


C 8Feb1865 b 9Jan1865 Lavinia d Charles & Lavinia HOPE, carter[?[, 3 Devonshire St


Both Elizabeth and Lavinia married in Shoebury:


m 1[?]Jan1879 at S.Shoebury parish church after banns:

Francis McGLADRIGAN bch 24 Royal Artillery South Shoebury & Elizabeth SMITHERS spr 20 of S Shoebury

f:Francis McGLADRIGAN carpenter, Timothy SMITHERS soldier; wit: Joseph FOSTER, Jessie SMITHERS


Francis McGladrigan died just ten days later and Elizabeth re-married in March 1880 the witness of this marriage Joseph FOSTER, also a soldier

Click here to these and other records of Elizabeth’s life.


m 28Dec1886 at St Andrews, S Shoebury parish church after banns

Herbert Henry MANN bch, 25, carpenter of S Shoebury & Lavinia Jessica SMITHERS spr, 22, of S Shoebury

f:Henry MANN, market gardener; James SMITHERS;wit:: Thomas FISHER, Henrietta FISHER, W W MANN, B HALLUM




d 25Jny1884 Elizabeth NOONAN at Shoeburyness, female 36, wife of Timothy NOONAN, an army pensioner of diseased heart

r 28Jny1884 at Gt.Wakering, Rochford, ESS by Timothy NOONAN widower of deceased, Shoeburyness, present at death



1841 Bethnal Green, 23 Edward St HO107/707 bk4 dist8


James      SMITHERS           20  1821    [none stated]                      n

Elizabeth  SMITHERS           20  1821                                       n

Elizabeth  SMITHERS           2   1839                                       n

Mary       PICKMAN            20  1821    FS                                 n

Richard    KING               45  1796    cow keeper                         n

Mary       KING               40  1801                                       n

Eliza      WATSON             12  1829    FS                                 n


1851 Mile End Old Town, 3 York St, HO107/1553 f612


James      SMITHERS    he mar 33  1818    carpenter         Worplesdon SRY

Elizabeth  SMITHERS    wi mar 32  1819                      Maidenhead, Berks

Elizabeth  SMITHERS    da     12  1839    scholar           Slough, Bucks

Martha     SMITHERS    da     9   1842    scholar           Shoreditch MDX

Mary Ann   SMITHERS    da     6   1845    scholar           Maidenhead, Berks

James      SMITHERS    so     4   1847                      Mile End MDX

George     SMITHERS    so     2   1849                      Mile End MDX

Sarah Ann  SMITHERS    da     1   1850                      Mile End MDX


1861 Stepney, Mile End Old Town, 19 Charles St   RG9/298 f76 p37


Elizab’th SMITHERS he wid 22 1839 stay maker    Maidenhead Berks

Elizab’th SMITHERS         2 1859               Mile End Old Town


also at 19: Thos HOWE 31 porter, his wife, dau, son and sister; Henry WOODWARD, lodger, with his wife son and mother-in-law

1871 Brentford MDX British School Alley RG10/1318 f164


Elizabeth      SMITHERS he wid 32 1839 dress maker       Hounslow MDX

Eliza Mary Ann SMITHERS da     12 1859 dress maker       Mile End MDX

Jese Leine     SMITHERS da      6 1865                   Mile End MDX

the enumeration district ran from Boston Rd Chapel and North side of the High rd; from East side of Halfacre to the West side of Cannon Alley and the Back Lane of the district

1871 Whitton, Twickenham, Kneller Hall, Royal Military School of Music  RG10/1316 f116 p34


Timothy NOONAN   [blank] unm 37 1834 student soldier      Ireland

                                                                                                               RG10/1316 f117 p35

Samuel  STILWELL [blank] unm 34 1837 student soldier      Nottingham


[Samuel Stilwell was witness to Timothy NOONAN’s marriage in July 1871]



1881 South Shoebury, 3 John St RG11/1772 f62 p15.


Timothy   NOONAN he mar 44  1837 laborer (Chelsea Pensioner)    Tiperary Ireland

Elizabeth NOONAN wi mar 42  1839                                Hounslow MDX


Joseph    FOSTER he mar 29  1852 Corporal Royal Engineers       Sheffield YKS

Elizabeth FOSTER wi mar 22  1859                                London MDX

Elizabeth FOSTER da unm  6m 1880                                Shoeburyness


1891 Shoeburyness, 2 Hinguar St RG12/1394/f80


Christopher COLLIS     he mar 39  1852    carpenter; 3 rooms; empd      Whitchurch, Hants

Sarah       COLLIS     wi mar 29  1862                                  Victoria, Australia

John G      COLLIS     so     2   1889                                  Shoeburyness

Christopher COLLIS     so     4m  1890                                  Shoeburyness

James       SMITHERS   lo wdr 74  1817    carpenter; 1 room; empld      Worplesdon SRY


1901 Hackney Union Workhouse  RG13/235 f 50


James S SMITHERS   pauper  wdr  82  1719  retired carpenter         Surrey Worplesdo




Order of removal of Elizabeth SMITHERS from MEOT to Slough 5Jun1863.

Met Arch: StBG/ME/103/3/35 94



Elizabeth SMITHERS aged 23 and her illegitimate child named Elizabeth aged 3 are now inhabiting MEOT …….. not having gained legal settlement .….. are now receiving relief.  The said Elizabeth SMITHERS is the lawful daughter of James & Elizabeth SMITHERS who on the 1st day of June 1830 was bound apprentice to John POTTS of Slough, Bucks, carpenter and joiner, and during the 7years and the last 40 days and on the last night he resided and slept at the house of his master in Slough


Rough Settlement Examination by Stepney Board of Guardians, Mile End 11Nov1864

Met Arch:StBG/ME/97/4 7755


SMITHERS Elizth (26) Workho:- Spr, pregnant, (see Jo's 4456 and 4301); 1 child Elizabeth Mary Anne, 5 in Mick [Mch?] last, born at 2 Devonshire St wks at home 2 Devonshire St East [in margin: not give];  prior No.1 St James Rd [written above: Mr Tiboumercy] -] past St James Ch - near Victoria Park Gates) then 1/1 wks;  prior at home for a fortnight;  prior at M? Stephensons, Lincoln St


Cx [cross-examine] Elizabeth SMITHERS the elder (47) 2 Devonshire St.  Pauper is my daughter by my husband James Smither SMITHERS to whom I was married at Cookham in Berkshire 6Aug1837;   did rent a greengrocer shop in the City Road;   went to Bray Berkshire after that I am positive.    On 25Jun1844 we took rented of Jno Edwards Langton of Maidenhead Berks a licensed Public House known as the Nags Head in Bray Parish at £19-19-0;  he was overseer of the poor from 25Mar1845 to 25Mar1846 [in margin: see copy agreet]


Order on Bray 12Nov1864


[NOTES: wks= works or weeks?  1/1=1m1wk?; Eliz was domestic servant at 64 Lincoln St at baptism of daughter Elizabeth Mary Ann in 1858;  Stephenson and Tiboumercy probably employed Elizabeth as a domestic servant; 1a St James Rd was occupied by the curate of St James the Less; Nags head was in Oakley Green, 3m S Bray, 3m from Old Windsor where James mother and brother were in 1851


Timothy NOONAN – Army Records

Discharge document [Nat.Archives WO 97 / 2066]


Glasgow 14 March 1876;  13th Regiment of Light Infantry; private Timothy Noonan 3324


born Golden parish, town of Cashel, county Tipperary

enlisted 13th regiment at Clonmell Tipperary 21Nov1854 aged 17 years 9 months


re-engaged at Dover 31Oct1864


final discharge 28 March 1876 age 39


height 5’ 6” fresh complexion, blue eyes, light brown hair, trade; labourer.  No marks or scars. No disabilities

Intended place of residence: Whitton Middlesex


21 years 23 days service, 9 years 2 months abroad: Gibraltar 7 months, Crimea I year, Cape of Good hope 1 year 4 months, East Indies 6 years 3 months


claimed discharge on the termination of his second period of engagement

never tried by court; never wounded; recorded in the defaulters book 5 times

character and conduct: very good;  four good conduct badges: Crimea, Turkish, Indian mutiny, Sevastopol (with clasp)


It is estimated that his pension would have been between 8d and 1s per day (£15 pa equivalent to about £700 pa in the year 2000)


Regimental Musters 1st Battalion 13th regiment of Foot [WO 12 / 3083, 3084]

Musters were held approximately every quarter, each man being listed in rank with pay and conduct etc. These records cover the period April 1863 to December 1864 and were examined to determine whether Timothy Noonan could possibly be the father of Lavinia.  She was born17Dec1864 and so conceived around March 1864.


From April to December 1863, the battalion was in Bengal but from Jan to April 1864 the battalion was on board ship from Calcutta to Dover, arriving on 29April. The battalion remained at Dover until 31 December.  Timothy Noonan was present at each muster throughout this period except for 23, 24 25 November 1864 when he was absent without leave.

Regimental Musters 2nd Battalion 13th regiment of Foot [WO 12 / 3110, 3113, 3115]


Each reference book contains I years muster in 4 quarters. 


Apr-Jun 1870    Battalion at Aldershot; T.Noonan at Kneller Hall

Jul-Sep            Battalion  at Aldershot; TM not listed

Oct-Dec            Battalion at Aldershot and Pembroke Dock; TM not listed

Jan-Mar 1871   Battalion at Pembroke Dock; TM not listed


Apr-Jun 1873    Dublin; TM not listed

Jul-Sep            Dublin and Newry; TM not listed

Jan-Mar 1874   Newry; TM not listed


Apr-Jun 1875    Glasgow; TM at Kneller Hall

Jul-Sep            Glasgow; TM at Kneller Hall

Oct-Dec            Glasgow; TM at Kneller Hall

Jan-Mar 1876   Glasgow; TM discharged to pension 28 March


It seems likely that Timothy Noonan remained at Kneller Hall while the regiment moved from Aldershot to Dublin to Glasgow.  No records of Kneller Hall listing individual soldiers have been found.

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