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21 August 2006



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Dr Geoffrey Mann





SMITH Family Summary

17-19C Gt.& Lt.Waltham Essex


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9 John SMITH c1675-1754

   m Jane




8 John SMITH c1700-1776

   m Elizabeth BETTS 1751 Gt.Bardfield




7 John SMITH 1751-1796

   m Ann SADLER 1775 Lt.Waltham




6 John SMITH 1775-1849

   m Ann Martha SPEAKMAN 1799 Boreham




5 Francis Speakman SMITH 1806-1862

   m Susannah CORNELL 1827 Finchingfield




4 Susannah Speakman SMITH 1828-1877

   m Samuel KILBOURN 1848

       Haggerstone London


The SMITH family were yeoman and farmers of Gt. and Lt. Waltham.  John & Jane are the earliest known ancestors; they were non-conformists and did not baptise their children in the parish church, but at least six children are known, born around 1700-1710.


The eldest son John-8 lived at Forth End, a hamlet some 4 miles from the Walthams, while the youngest son, Peter, occupied an ancient farm called Stonage in Lt.Waltham which is still there today.


After Peter’s death in 1784, occupation of Stonage was inherited by his nephew John-7 as he was the eldest son of Peter's eldest brother.


John-7 left the farm to his youngest son Samuel but bequeathed other property (Little Stonage?) to his eldest son John-6


John-6 married Martha SPEAKMAN from another farming family and farmed in the neighbouring parish of Gt.Leighs, but their son Frances Speakman SMITH became a shoemaker and grocer and eventually moved to East Ham where he was appointed a customs officer in 1851 and gatekeeper at the new Victoria Dock in 1858. 


Francis’ daughter Susannah Speakman SMITH married Samuel KILBOURN in 1848 and lived and died in Bethnal Green.











BEDWELL John                5Apr1768 Gt.Waltham ESS              SmitT0  SMITH Ann

BEERMAN Jane                    1695 Brentwood ESS               SmitT0  SMITH John

BETTS Elizabeth            21Mar1750+Gt.Bardfield ESS            SmitT0  SMITH John

COOK (COOTE?) Joseph           c1785                             SmitT8  SMITH Mary

CORNHILL Sarah                  1733 Lt.Sampford ESS             SmitT0  SMITH Thomas

CORNELL Susanna             9Oct1827 Finchingfield ESS           SmitT0  SMITH Francis Speakman

DARBY John                  2May1798 Lt.Waltham ESS              SmitT0  SMITH Sarah

DOWSETT Sarah              29Jan1818 Lt.Waltham ESS              SmitT0  SMITH Samuel

FRANKLIN Mary               6Dec1750 Gt.Waltham ESS              SmitT8  SMITH Abraham

JOSLIN Samuel               9May1724 Thaxted Quaker ESS          SmitT0  SMITH Jane

JOSLING Jane                9Feb1773 Lt.Waltham ESS              SmitT8  SMITH John

KEMP William                1Aug1756 Gt.Waltham ESS              SmitT8  SMITH Judah

KILBOURN Samuel            18Jan1848 Haggerstone St Mary MDX     SmitT0  SMITH Susannah Speakman

KNIGHT Elizabeth           28May1751 Gt.Waltham ESS              SmitT8  SMITH Abraham

MEAD Benjamin              14Jun1778 Gt.Waltham ESS              SmitT8  SMITH Judith

PETTIT Thomas              18Aug1728 Thaxted Quaker ESS          SmitT0  SMITH Mary

SADLER Ann                 19Jul1775 Lt.Waltham ESS              SmitT0  SMITH John

SAMS Joseph                23Oct1759 Gt.Leighs ESS               SmitT8  SMITH Sarah

SHELTON Joseph              1Oct1772 Witham Quaker ESS           SmitT0  SMITH Elizabeth

SIMONS Sarah                    1810 Lt.Leighs ESS               SmitT0  SMITH Jonathon

SKINNER Judith             25Aug1754 Gt.Waltham ESS              SmitT0  SMITH Abraham

SNOW Simon                 22Dec1768 Gt.Waltham ESS              SmitT0  SMITH Hannah

SPEAKMAN Ann Martha        17Apr1799 Boreham ESS                 SmitT0  SMITH John

SPEAKMAN Elizabeth         27Sep1803 Terling ESS                 SmitT0  SMITH Peter

STOCK James                15Jan1765 Gt.Waltham ESS              SmitT0  SMITH Mary

STRUTT J                    9Aug1769 Lt.Waltham ESS              SmitT8  SMITH Abigail

SULLINS Hannah             29May1744 Writtle ESS                 SmitT0  SMITH John







1)     B9.  Origin of John & Jane SMITH and birth of their six children John, Thomas, Abraham, Jane, Mary, & Peter, born about 1700-1710.  Almost certainly from a dissenting congregation but not quakers; baptisms not found; the girls married quakers, but the the sons married in church, while burials are at the quaker burial ground.  Did they marry at Brentwood – Jane BEERMAN


2)     B7. John SMITH witnessed marriages at Gt.Waltham church in a good hand from at least 1772 to 1799.  There were other John SMITHs, so these signatures should be compared with the signature on the two marriages of John in 1773 and 1775 and with the signature on John-7's will.


3)     B9-B6   Four generations named John SMITH gives ample opportunity for error.  There were other SMITH families in the Walthams, particularly the Quaker family.  There is probably a connection (or confusion) between the families.  The Quaker tree needs to be researched from the Quaker records and various wills


4)     B5.  Francis Speakman SMITH married in 1827 and died in 1862 but he has not been found in the 41, 51, nor 61 census.  Only two possible baptisms for his family found: Susannah and Alfred but no trace of Alfred in 81 index