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5 February 2018


Dr. Geoffrey Mann

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SHORT Family Summary

17-20C East End London




10 Ringen SHORT? d1663


9 Thomas_SHORT 1652-1734?

   m-Jane WALBECK 1686 London Wall


8 Thomas SHORT 1691-?

   m Mary ALEXANDER 1714 Stepney


7 Thomas SHORT 1715-?

   m Ann CHRISTIAN 1737 St Benet London


6 Francis SHORT 1755-1815

   m Margaret BLACK 1782 Stepney


5 William SHORT 1797-1851

   m Elizabeth BARTLETT 1820 Stepney


4 Thomas SHORT 1835-1917

   m Sarah CRANWELL 1854 Bethnal Green


3 Thomas William SHORT 1855-1919

   m Frances M KILBOURN 1876 Bethnal Green


2 Thomas William SHORT 1878-1961

   m Alice MANSFIELD 1902 Camden Town


1 Nellie Deborah SHORT 1908-1993

   m Roderick W STEVENSON 1933 Manor Park



 The earliest known ancestor is Thomas SHORT, who was a weaver  at various addresses in the East End of London (including Petticoat lane) during the second half of the 17C.  He may have been the son of a mariner who died overseas shortly after his birth


Four more generations of weavers succeeded Thomas in Mile End New Town or Bethnal Green: Thomas (1691-), Thomas (1715-), Francis (1755-1816), William (1797-1851).  The hand-weaving trade in the East End however was in severe decline during this time because of competition from power looms.  Francis was noted as a pauper, and William gave up the trade in 1828 to become a dairyman, keeping cattle at his home and selling the milk in the streets.


William's son Thomas continued as a dairyman until cattle disease almost put an end to this East End trade in 1866. His widowed mother opened a coffee shop in Bethnal Green Rd and Thomas (together with his 10 year old son) got a job in a new oil & colour shop next door owned by a Mr Williams.


This began a long association of the SHORT family with various branches of William’s shops.  Thomas and his son eventually managed a shop in Roman Rd; his grandson Thomas managed a shop in Salmon Lane, Stepney until it closed in 1922.  This Thomas’ daughter, Nellie, married Roderick STEVENSON in 1933








ALEXANDER Mary              7May1714 Stepney St Dunstan MDX      ShorT0  SHORT Thomas

BARTLETT Elizabeth          7Sep1820 Stepney Spt Xchurch MDX     ShorT0  SHORT William

BLACK Margaret             30Jun1782 Stepney St Dunstan MDX      ShorT0  SHORT Francis

CHRISTIAN Ann              19Sep1737 St Benet Pauls Wharf LND    ShorT0  SHORT Thomas

CLARK Hannah                8Jul1781 Stepney St Dunstan MDX      ShorT6  SHORT James

CLIFFORD                       c1860                             ShorT0  SHORT Hannah

COLLIS Humphrey            30Aug1861 Bethnal Green St Mat MDX    ShorT0  SHORT Mary Ann

CRANWELL Sarah             23May1854 Stepney Sp Xchurch MDX      ShorT0  SHORT Thomas

DANIELS Lilian              5Aug1907 Bow, St Stephen MDX         ShorT0  SHORT Sidney Francis

EVANS Mary                     c1880                             ShorT3  SHORT Charles

FLETCHER John               3Sep1938 Bow, St Stephen, MDX        ShorT0  SHORT Lilian Frances

FRENCH Arthur                  c1935                             ShorT0  SHORT Rose Margaret

HANCOCK Minnie                 c1905                             ShorT0  SHORT William George

HARDING Edward                 ?1764                             ShorT0  SHORT Ann

KILBOURN Eugene                c1880                             ShorT3  SHORT George Francis

KILBOURN Frances Martha    15Oct1876 Bethnal Green St BartMDX    ShorT0  SHORT Thomas William

LESERF Susanna              3Sep1762 St Botolph Bish'gate LND    ShorT6  SHORT Thomas

MANSFIELD Alice            21Dec1902 Camden Town MDX             ShorT0  SHORT Thomas William

PITKIN Thomas              12Dec1768 Bethnal Green St Mat MDX    ShorT0  SHORT Rebecca

PROUT W                        c1930                             ShorT0  SHORT Alice Frances

SAUNDERS Arthur                c1938                             ShorT0  SHORT Ivy Ethel

STEVENSON Roderick         25Dec1933 Manor Park Methodist ESS    ShorT0  SHORT Nellie Deborah

VIVIAN Jack                10Mar1946                             ShorT0  SHORT Iris Olive

WALBECK Jane                7Jul1686 Allhallows London Wall      ShorT0  SHORT Thomas

WHITEHEAD Peter                c1960                             ShorT0  SHORT Gillian

WINDOW Gladys                  c1936                             ShorT0  SHORT Ernest George

WRIGHT Margaret            10Apr1626 Stepney St Dunstan          ShorB9  SHORT Thomas

YOUNG Benjamin              9Jun1867 Bethnal Green St.Jon MDX    ShorT0  SHORT Eliza