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19 August 2006




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Dr Geoffrey Mann




PENDER Family Summary

17-19C, St Buryan, Sennen & Paul Cornwall


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9 Oliver PENDER c1620-1687

†† m Joan

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8 Oliver PENDER c1640-?

†† m Susan CARNE? 1671 St Buryan

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7 Robert PENDER 1682-1767

†† m Alice WALSH 1712 Sennen

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6 John PENDER 1730-1814

†† m Dorothy GOMER 1755 Paul

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5 Mary PENDER 1768-?

†† m John Carn BLUETT 1786 Paul



The 17C PENDER family at St Buryan were gentlemen and merchants.At least three generations used the forename Oliver, which also occurs in the 16C in Kilkhampton, North Cornwall, indicating a possible origin of the family there.


The second Oliver had a son Robert who married Alice Walsh from the neighbouring parish of Sennen.One of their sons, John, moved to another nearby parish, Paul.


Paul is the parish for the fishing village of Mousehole, and Johnís daughter Mary, married a Mousehole fisherman, John BLUETT at Paul in 1786








BLUET John Carn††† ††††††††10Dec1786 Paul CON††††††††††††††††††† PendT0PENDER Mary††

CARNE Susan††††††††††††††† 17Jul1671 St Buryan CON†††††††††††††† PendT0PENDER Oliver

COTTON Charles†††††††††††† 17May1812 Paul CON††††††††††††††††††† PendT0PENDER Dorothy

COTTON Thomas†††††††††††††† 7Feb1808 Paul CON††††††††††††††††††† PendT0PENDER Nancy

GOMER Dorothy†††††††††††††† 1Sep1755 Paul CON††††††††††††††††††† PendT0PENDER John

JANE Joan††††††††††††††††† 26Feb1749 Paul CON††††††††††††††††††† PendT7PENDER Noy Tonkin

KEIGWIN Margaret†††††††††† 29Sep1699 Paul CON††††††††††††††††††† PendT0PENDER Oliver

MICHELL John†††††††††††††† 19Mar1702 St Buryan CON†††††††††††††† PendT0PENDER Barbara

NICHOLAS David†††††††††††† 11Jun1768 Sennen CON††††††††††††††††† PendT6PENDER Mary

OATS Richard††††††††††††††† 5Jny1787 Sennen CON††††††††††††††††† PendT6PENDER Mary

PEARCE Catherine†††††††††† 29Apr1782 Paul CON††††††††††††††††††† PendT0PENDER Richard

PENDER Benjamin†††††††††† ††8May1770 St Buryan CON†††††††††††††† PendT7PENDER Grace

ROWE Susanna††††††††††††††† 6Jul1765 Sennen CON††††††††††††††††† PendT6PENDER Robert†††††

READ Mary††††††††††††††††† 26Dec1738 Sennen CON††††††††††††††††† PendT6PENDER Robert

SECOMBE Rachel††††††††††††† 2Jun1707 St Ewe CON††††††††††††††††† PendT0PENDER Oliver

STEVENS Mary†††††††††††††† 30Dec1745 Paul CON††††††††††††††††††† PendT0PENDER Oliver

TONKYN Blanch††††††††††††† 11Jny1709 Sennen CON††††††††††††††††† PendT0PENDER Carne

TREEVE Polly†††††††††††††† 26Nov1796 Sennen CON††††††††††††††††† PendT6 PENDER William††

WALSH Alice††††††††††††††† 18Oct1712 Sennen CON††††††††††††††††† PendT0PENDER Robert

WILLIS Jane†††††††††††††††† 5Jun1783 Paul CON††††††††††††††††††† PendT0PENDER Richard




1.      Extracts from parish register of Paul, CON

2.      Extracts from parish register of Sennen CON

3.      Extracts from parish register of St Buryan CON





1)     The trees have been constructed using data from transcripts of the registers of Paul, St Buryan and Sennen.These should be checked against the original registers


2)     The PENDERs of St Buryan were gentlemen and merchants.It is very probable therefore that they made wills.These have not yet been seen as they are not currently available from the Cornwall RO.Examination of any such wills should have a significant effect in the accuracy or reliability of the family trees