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15 April 2018


Dr. Geoffrey Mann

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NEWMAN Family Summary

19C, St.Pancras & Bethnal Green, London




5 Edward NEWMAN c1800-1882

   m Deborah HARRIS 1823 Holborn









4 Mary Ann NEWMAN 1829-c1880?

   m James MANSFIELD 1850 Stepney



Edward NEWMAN was born around 1800 in the area of London which is now St Pancras Station.  At this time it was out in the fields and was the area where dust was deposited by dustmen.


Edward became a dustman and married Deborah HARRIS at Holborn in 1823.  They baptised their first three children at St Prancras and then moved to Bethnal Green where Edward worked as a dustman for at least 30 years before moving to N.London where he became an owner of a brickfield


Edward & Deborah had 16 children altogether, all of whom survived childhood.  One of them, Mary Ann, married James MANSFIELD at Stepney in 1850







BONE Lily Elizabeth        14Feb1917                             NewmT4  NEWMAN Reginald Charles

EASTMAN John                    1868                             NewmT0  NEWMAN Jane

EVANS Charles                   1855 Stepney St Dunstan MDX      NewmT0  NEWMAN Deborah

GOODMAN Maria                  c1845 Stepney St Dunstan MDX      NewmT0  NEWMAN Edward

HARRIS Deborah             30Nov1823 Holborn St Andrew MDX       NewmT0  NEWMAN Edward

HAYES Reginald William         c1950                             NewmT4  NEWMAN Peggy

HAYNES William                  1852 Bethnal Grn St Matthew      NewmT0  NEWMAN Elizabeth

HUNT Harry                     c1950                             NewmT4  NEWMAN Betty

JULL John                  17Nov1862 Bethnal Grn St Matthew MDX  NewmT0  NEWMAN Eliza

MANSFIELD James            10Nov1850 Stepney St Dunstan MDX      NewmT0  NEWMAN Mary Ann

NEWELL George                  c1920                             NewmT4  NEWMAN Agnes Mardell

ROOK John                  24Dec1854 Stepney St Dunstan MDX      NewmT0  NEWMAN Sarah

SABAN Alice Annie          27Nov1892                             NewmT4  NEWMAN Charles

SELBY Annie                14Aug1881 Enfield St Andrew MDX       NewmT4  NEWMAN John Gilbert

SHADWELL Elizabeth R            1909 Poplar Wesleyan             NewmT4  NEWMAN Leonard       

WHITE Elizabeth Emma       30Oct1859 Enfield MDX                 NewmT0  NEWMAN William

WICKENS Leonard Albert          1918 Poplar MDX                  NewmT4  NEWMAN Annie Elizabeth