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21 January 2003


Dr Geoffrey Mann






KILBOURN Family Summary

18-19C, London


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6 Samuel KILBOURN c1754-1821

   m Frances E WYATT 1784

    [          at Bloomsbury LND




5 Samuel KILBOURN 1785-1846

  2m Martha COOPER (wid) 1821

    [           at Beddington SRY




4 Samuel KILBOURN 1823-1896

  2m Susannah S SMITH 1848

    [          at Haggerstone MDX




3 Frances Martha KILBOURN 1850-1904

   m Thomas W.SHORT 1876

                at Bethnal Green MDX


Four generations of the KILBOURN family lived in Shoreditch and Bethnal Green.  The earliest member is Samuel, born about 1754, but his origins are not known.


His son, Samuel, was a carman in Shoreditch operating from Webb Square for over 30 years.  He married twice, possibly to sisters. This was illegal, and might explain why the second marriage took place out of town at Beddington in Surrey after the baptism of their first five children.


His eldest son by the second marriage, another Samuel, became a carman for a short period, but 1846 was a tragic year for him - he buried his first wife, his baby daughter, his father and his mother all within three months.  Samuel remarried Susanna Speakman SMITH and raised a large family.


His second daughter, Frances Martha, married Thomas SHORT in 1876 







BATSFORD Eliza             29Jun1848 Haggerston St Mary          KilbT0  KILBOURN Thomas Francis

BISHOP Richard              2Mar1884 Bethnal Green St John       KilbT0  KILBOURN Mary Ann

COOPER Martha (wid)        10Jul1821 Beddington SRY              KilbT0  KILBOURN Samuel

COOPER John                15Apr1840 Haggerston St Mary MDX      KilbT0  KILBOURN Caroline

DREW Joseph                    c1850                             KilbT0  KILBOURN Jane

LACK Mary Ann               5Jan1846 Haggerston St Mary MDX      KilbT0  KILBOURN Samuel

LANG Elizabeth             25Nov1804 Shoreditch St Leonard MDX   KilbT0  KILBOURN Samuel

PIKE Charles               25Dec1827 St Botolph Bishopsgate LND  KilbT0  KILBOURN Mary

SHEARMAN William Edmund    13Jun1842 Haggerston St Mary MDX      KilbT0  KILBOURN Susannah

SHORT Thomas William       15Oct1876 Bethnal Green, St Bart'ew   KilbT0  KILBOURN Frances Martha

SMITH Susannah Speakman    18Jan1848 Haggerston St Mary MDX      KilbT0  KILBOURN Samuel

TOMALIN George Pentloe      4May1875                             KilbT0  KILBOURN Susannah

WEST John                   2Jul1847 Shoreditch St Leonard MDX   KilbT0  KILBOURN Frances

WYATT Frances Elizabeth    19Dec1784 Shoreditch St Leonard MDX   KilbT0  KILBOURN Samuel






1)       B6.  Origin of Samuel-6, born about 1754.  He married at Shoreditch in 1784 but the first baptism of his children there was in 1800.  What other children did he have and where were they baptised?


2)       B5.  Can it be confirmed that Samuel-5 married sisters, Elizabeth and Martha LANG?


3)       B4.  Where was Samuel-4 in 1891 aged 68.  He died at 1 Nelson St, Bethnal Green five years later, but he was not found there in the census.


4)       B3.  Where was Frances Martha aged 21 in 1871?  Was she in service?