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18-20C Perth, Glasgow, London

Dr Geoffrey Mann


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5 James JUSTICE c1745-?  blacksmith

   m Mary LENNOX 1770 Tibbermore






4 David JUSTICE 1791-1860 calico printer

   m Helen McLEAN 1821 Tibbermore






3 David JUSTICE 1836-1904 marine engineer

   m Helen DINGWALL 1858 Glasgow






2 Leah Dingwall JUSTICE 1871-1947 teacher

   m Frederick W.STEVENSON 1896 London



The earliest known ancestors are James JUSTICE and Mary LENNOX who married at Tibbermore, Perth in 1770 and baptised ten children there.  James was a blacksmith at Newhouse Farm about 3 miles from Perth.


Two of his sons David and John, worked at the nearby bleach and textile printing works; they both married local girls and then moved to Glasgow around 1825 to continue their trade.  By 1851 there were no Justice’s left in Tibbermore


One of David's sons also named David married the girl next door in Glasgow and became a ship’s engineer on the Castle Line ships sailing from London to South Africa.  To be near the docks, he and his family moved to Poplar in 1868.


Two of David’s daughters married seamen, the other two married school teachers.  One of these, named Leah, was also a teacher and was head of a large London school until she retired in 1931.  Later she moved to Leigh, nearer to her son Roderick STEVENSON.










COUPER Isabell             26Sep1747 Scone PER                   JustT0  JUSTICE Robert

DINGWALL Helen             15Jul1858 Glasgow LKS                 JustT0  JUSTICE David

HAY John                   23Nov1849 Glasgow Gorbals LKS         JustT0  JUSTICE Amelia

IMRIE Helen                18Aug1771 Methven PER                 JustT0  JUSTICE William

KENNEDY Barbara             3Sep1820 Tibbermore PER              JustT0  JUSTICE John

KER John McLean              Dec1891 East Ham ESS                JustT0  JUSTICE Helen McLean

LENNOX Mary                 4Nov1770 Tibbermore PER              JustT0  JUSTICE James

MARTIN William             24Jul1897 East Ham ESS                JustT0  JUSTICE Margaret Dingwall

MCLEAN Helen               10Jun1821 Tibbermore PER              JustT0  JUSTICE David

MILLER Grisell              5Jul1747 Tibbermore PER              JustT0  JUSTICE John

MORRISON Roderick           4Sep1883 Poplar MDX                  JustT0  JUSTICE Christina Campbell

ROBERTSON John             20Dec1773 Tibbermore PER              JustT0  JUSTICE Janet

SIMMIE John                18Jan1850 Tibbermore PER              JustT0  JUSTICE Ann

STEVENSON Frederick Wm      2Apr1896 Bromley by Bow MDX          JustT0  JUSTICE Leah Dingwall