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10 Jan 2021


Dr. Geoffrey Mann

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HEMPSON Family Ancestors

17-18C, Brightlingsea and Ramsey, Essex




13 Roger Hempson

     m Em



12 Roger Hempson 1610-1670 Brightlingsea

    2m Mary Mumford

11 Philip Hempson 1640-1692 Ramsey
     m Ann
10 Philip Hempson 1667-1707 Ramsey
    m Elizabeth Amise
9 Susan Hempson 1705-1731 Tendring
    m Francis Wilson



The Hempsons were gentlemen farmers in the NE corner of Essex


Roger Hempson was probably born in Great Clacton before moving to Brightlingsea where he lived through the civil wars and the seige of nearby Colchester.



The next two generations both named Philip lived in the village of Ramsey. The younger Philip was wealthy enough to leave cash and property to all his children  



His youngest daughter Susan married another farmer of nearby Tendring but died young after the birth of her third child