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8 Susannah Wilson

9 Susan(nah) HEMPSON 1705-1731

10 Philip Hempson

spouse's records

m Francis WILSON 1724





Susan Hempson was born in 1705 in the Essex village of Ramsey where her father Philip was a gentleman. She married a farmer, Francis Wilson from the neighbouring parish of Tendring when she was nearly twenty


She bore three children to Francis before she died at the early age of 26 just after the birth of her last child. She was buried in her home parish of Ramsey










22Dec1724 19 24

 6Oct1727 22 27

15Apr1729 24 29

 2Feb1731 26 31

 7Feb1731 26 31

Susan baptised at Ramsey

married Francis Wilson by licence at Tendring

dau Susan baptised at Tendring

son John baptised at Tendring

son Philip baptised at Tendring

Susan buried at Ramsey 





b=born  m=married  d=died

C=Christened        B=Buried



Susannah's marriage records show she was of Ramsey born about 1705 and there is a suitable baptism in this parish:

from Ramsey parish register:

C 16Jan1704/5 Susan daughter of Philip & Eliz Hempson



Susannah Hempson was married in 1724 at Tendring:

m 22Dec1724 Francis WILSON of this parish & Susannah HEMPSON of Ramsey both single persons by licence

Ramsey is about 6 miles NE of Tendring. The licence allegation gives Susannah's age as 19



Susan's marriage at Tendring is followed by the baptisms of three children and the burial of one of them:

from the Tendring parish register:

C  6Oct1727   Susan  d Francis  & Susannah WILSON

C 15Apr1729   John   s Francis  & Susannah WILSON

C  2Feb1730/1 Philip s Francis  & Susannah WILSON B31Mar1732


Susannah's husband Francis remarried in 1731, following the burial of Susannah in her home parish of Ramsey:

from Ramsey parish register

B  7Feb1730/1 Susan wife of Francis Wilson

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