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9 Susan Hempson

10 Philip HEMPSON c1667-1707

11 Philip Hempson


spouse's records

m Elizabeth AMISE1690





Philip Hempson was born about 1665 probably in Brightlingsea, son of Philip Hempson, a yeoman.  He married Elizabeth Amise at Great Oakley and settled in the nearby parish of Ramsey.


Philip and Elizabeth baptised eleven children at Ramsey between 1692 and 1705 but six of them died as infants. Elizabeth herself died shortly after her last child was born and Philip died two years later aged about 40. They were all buried at Ramsey 


In his will made just before he died, Philip left cash and property in four different parishes to his children and was wealthy enough to be called a gentleman of Ramsey









    c1675 10
 9Sep1690 25
19Mar1692 27
 3Jan1693 28
25Jan1694 29
 7Mar1695 30
17Nov1695 30
10Dec1696 31
 7Jan1697 32
29Oct1698 33
25Jun1700 35
 6Jan1701 36
17Feb1702 37
26Jul1702 37
 7Oct1703 38
10Nov1703 38
16Jan1705 40
 2Feb1705 40
28May1707 42
30May1707 42

Philip born probably at Brightlingsea
Philip m Elizabeth Amise at Great Oakley
moved with parents to Ramsey
dau Eliz C at Ramsey
son Philip C at Ramsey
dau Anne C at Ramsey
son Philip C at Ramsey
son Philip bur at Ramsey
dau Mary C at Ramsey
dau Eliz bur at Ramsey
son Philip C at Ramsey
son Ames C at Ramsey
son Richard C at Ramsey
son Wm C at Ramsey
son Wm bur at Ramsey
dau Eliz C at Ramsey
dau Eliz bur at Ramsey
dau Susan C at Ramsey
wife Elizabeth bur at Ramsey
signed last will
bur at Ramsey





b=born m=married d=died

C=Christened   B=Buried



Philip was married in September 1690 and spent all his married life in the parish of Ramsey where he was buried in 1707, so a birth around 1660/69 or earlier is expected. The registers of Ramsey survive from 1648, but the baptism of Philip is not recorded there.


The Ramsey register however shows that a Rhilip and Anne Hempson baptised 5 children in the parish between 1675 and 1683. This Philip was buried in Ramsey in 1692 and his will signed in January 1684/5 shows that he then had a son named Philip under age so born after Jan 1664.


Given the right name date and parish it is beyond reasonable doubt that Philip and Anne were the parents of Philip Hempson 10 born between Jan 1664 and Sep 1669 (1667+/-3). The discussion of Philip Hempson-11 suggests he may have been born in Brightlingsea though the registers there have not survived before 1697.


Susan Hempson-9 was baptised at Ramsey in 1704/5 daughter of Philip & Eliz Hempson.  At least eleven baptisms to these parents in Ramsey are directly preceded by a suitable marriage in the neighbouring parish of Great Oakley:


m 9Sep1690 Philip Hempson singleman of Ramsey & Elizabeth Amise of Maningtree singlewoman


from the Ramsey parish register:

C 19Mar1691/2 Eliz    d Philip & Eliz Hempson B 1696/7
C  3Jan1692/3 Philip  s Philip & Eliz Hempson B ?
C 25Jan1693/4 Anne    d Philip & Eliz Hempson see will
C  7Mar1694/5 Philip  s Philip & Eliz Hempson B 1695
C 10Dec1696   Mary    d Philip & Eliz Hempson see will
C 29Oct1698   Philip  s Philip & Eliz Hempson B 1722
C 25Jun1700   Ames    s Philip & Eliz Hempson see will
C 6Jan1700/1  Richard s Philip & Eliz Hempson B ?
C 17Feb1701/2 Wm      s Philip & Eliz Hempson B 1702

C  7Oct1703   Eliz    d Philip & Eliz Hempson B 1703
C 16Jan1704/5 Susan   d Philip & Eliz Hempson m 1724


B 17Nov1695   Philip s Philip Hempson
B  7Jan1696/7 Eliz   d Philip Hempson
B 26Jul1702   Wm     s Philip Hempson

B 10Nov1703 the aforesaid Eliz was buried [next entry after her baptism]
B 30Jun1722   Philip Hempson from Tendring


Philip's will was proved in 1709 and there is a suitable burial in Ramsey preceded by the burial of his wife Elizabeth

from Ramsey parish register

B  2Feb1704/5 Elizabeth wife of Philip Hempson
B 30May1707   Mr Philip Hempson


1709 Will of Philip Hempson of Ramsey ERO ref D/ACW 23/240

Philip Hempson of Ramsey gentleman s28May1707 p8Feb1708/9
to son Ames Hempson freehold in Ramsey
to daughter Susan Hempson copyhold in Great Oakly called The Holt occ by John Mulley; and 50
to daughter Ann Hemson freehold in Tendring called Old Orchard occ by Thomas Porter; and 50
to daughter Mary Hempson copyhold in parish of Wickes [Wix] occ by William Loveday; and 50
to son Philip Hempson 100
rest to Ames, Ann, Mary, Susanna equally divided as any of them reach 21 or be married
exec friend John Blacksell of Ramsey gent
wit: Robert Riche, Thomas Server, Thomas Sadler, Wm Seagrave

1722 Will of Philip Hempson of Tendring ERO ref D/ABW 84/2/53

Philip Hempson of Tendring, yeoman s30May1722 p7Jul1722
to brother Ames Hempson of Ramsey, copyhold in Ramsey called Hicks coot on the hill
to sister Mary wife of Robert Harris of Little Oakly copyhold in Ramsey called Mayhouse
     and copyhold in Great Bromley occupied by Samuel Salmons
to sister Susan Hempson copyhold in manor of Weely Hall
to sister Ann wife of John Finer(?) of Colchester goods chattels and poersonal estate
exec:sister Ann, wit: M---(Mary?) Foster, Eliz Hemple, Robert Riche

AMIS(E) family

Although Elizabeth Amise was of Manningtree at her marriage to Philip Hempson of Ramsey there is a suitable baptism actially in Ramsey to William and Elizabeth Amis, preceded by a suitable marriage in nearby Gt.Oakley and sibling baptisms in Ramsey

m 16Aug1670   Wm Amis gent & Eliz Cole spinster at Gt Oakley
C  2Aug1671   Elizabeth d Will  & Elizabeth Amis
C 18Jan1672   Mary      d Will  & Elizabeth Amis
C 16Mar1673   Willm     s Willm & Elizabeth Amis
C  1Sep1675   Rachel    d Willm & Elizabeth Amis
B  3Sep1675   Rachel    d Willm & Elizabeth Amis
C  4Mar1676/7 Rachel    d Willm & Elizabeth Amis
B 27Mar1677   Rachel    d Willm & Elizabeth Amis
B  6Jul1678   Willm     s Willm & Elizabeth Amis
B 17Apr1678   Willm Amis

B  5Nov1678   Elizabeth Ames widow

at Great Oakley

m  9Sep1690 Philip Hempson singleman of Ramsey & Elizabeth Amise of Maningtree singlewoman
m 26Dec1693 Thomas Grigson singleman & Mary Anise singlewoman of Ramsey

will of William Amis  of Ramsey

IWilliam Amis yeoman of Ramsey s 12Apr1678 p 29Jan1678/9
to son William land in Ramsey including "Mayhouse"
to dau Elizabeth land in Thorpe le Soken
to dau Mary land in Weeley and Ramsey
to wife Elizabeth land in Ramsey and after her to William, executor; profits of lands devised to children to be used by her to upbring and educate children during their minority
Robert Blaxell of Lt Oakley supervisor, wit: Abraham Everet, ---Snyth, Mary Bomp--


The land called Mayhouse was left to William Amis who died 3 months later. Mayhouse then appears in the will of Philip Hempson (1698-1722) the son of Philip and Elizabeth.  This is good supporting evidence that Philip's wife was indeed Elizabeth Amis of the Ramsey family, brother of William Amis, even though she was of Manningtree at marriage. Mayhouse seems to have passed from brother William to her.


Both parents of Elizabeth Amis died when she was only 7 so perhaps she was brought up by a relation in Mannintree?  Rachel Scarpe of Manningtree made a will in Feb 1682/3 which showed that her maiden name was Cole and she left a bequest of all her household stuff to he kinswomen Elizabeth and Mary Ames.  It is probable therefore that Elizabeth was brought up by Rachel Scarpe (nee Cole) Cole in Manningtree 

COLE family

In her 1683 will, Rachel Scarpe mentions her brothers Henry Cole, clerk, and Humphrey Cole. A clerk at this time means a vicar or priest, and Henry Cole was vicar of Great Oakley from 1673 to 1705. She also mentions her kinswomen Elizabeth and Mary Ames, Rachel Woodward and Susan Blackshell.

Rachel Cole (Manningtree)

     1670   m Robert Blackshell (record not found)
     1681   Robert died; will mentions wife Rachel, brother John,
            Rachel Cole daughter of Humphrey Cole 20, Elizabeth and Mary Amis 5 each
31Jan1682/3 John Scarpe wid of Manningtree m Rachel Blacksell wid of Lt Oakley at gt Oakley
26Feb1682/3 makes will mentions brother Henry Cole, clerk, brother Humphrey Cole,
            Henry's youngest dau Elizabeth kinswomen Elizabeth and Mary Amis, Rachel Woodward, Susan Blackshall
            "If I have a child will of no force" so of childbearing age say 30-40 so b1643-1653
29Jul1693   will proved age about 50? John remarries and dies in 1730 so b about 1650?

Henry Cole vicar of Gt Oakley

  27May1670   BA at Jesus College Cambridge
              ordained curate at Norwich age 25 so b1645 born "Okely"(database of Anglican clergy)
       1673  vicar of Great Oakley
m 27Nov1677   Henry Cole rector of Gt Oakley & Mary Read d Isaac Read rector of Wrabness at Wrabness
C  8May1679   Henry s Henry & Mary clerk B15Sep1679
C 26May1680   Jane d Henry & Mary clerk
C  2Jan1682/3 Elizabeth d Henry & Mary rector of Gt Oakley
C 16Sep1690   Susanna d Henry & Mary rector of Gt Oakley
B 19Nov1704   Henry Cole at Gt Oakley
       1705   new vicar of Gt Oakley

Humphrey Cole

C 15May1632 s Robert & Rachel Cole
  15Jan1680 Humphrey's youngest daughter Rachel left 20 by uncle Robert Blackshell husband of Rachel
  26Feb1683 Humphrey mentioned in sister Rachel's will
B  3Jul1705 at Ramsey "of Little Oakley"

Robert Cole vicar of Gt Oakley

m 14May1628 Robert Cole clerk & Rachel Buxston at Colchester St Nicholas
C  6Jan1629 Robert   s Robert & Rachel Cole at Colchester St Nicholas
  26Nov1629 appointed vicar of Gt Oakley, rector of Lt Oakley
C 15May1632 Humphrey s Robert & Rachel Cole at Gt Oakley
C 14Apr1635 Thomas   s Robert & Rachel Cole at Gt Oakley parson of this parish
C 11may1637 John     s Robert & Rachel Cole at Gt Oakley
       1661 last year at Gt and Lt Oakley
no burial record found



1629 Robert
1632 Humphrey
1635 Thomas
1637 John
1643/53 Rachel
1645 Henry
1645/50 Elizabeth assuming m age of 20/25

this gives a reasonable child bearing span of 16/21 years. Elizabeth is assumed to be a child as she named her children Rachel (though not Robert) and her two surviving children were beneficiaries of Rachel of Manningtree and Robert Blackshell who would be their aunt and uncle.


Rachel of Manningtree also left bequests 1683 to kinswomen Rachel Woodward and Susan Woodward who both seem to have married a Cole at Gt Oakley:

m  6Jul1670 John Blackell gent & Susan Cole spi
m 19Apr1681 John Woodward of Colchester St Leonards & Rachel Cole of Lt Oakley


Rachel Cole of Lt Oakley was probably the daughter of Humphrey Cole. If so, she was left 20 by her uncle in 1680 and married Woodward the next year, and then bequeathed household stuff by her aunt Rachel of Mannintree in 1683. Moreover, her father Humphrey was of Lt Oakely when he was buried. She would have been born about 1655/60.  They went to live in St Osyth where she was buried as Mrs Rachel Woodward widow. John died in 1700 and his will shows he was a wealthy yeoman and they had two sons and four daughters.


There was however another Rachel Cole born at the right time in nearby Ramsey:

C 29Oct1655 Rachel d William & Judith Cole

William & Judith also baptised William 1646 and Daniel 1651 at Ramsey, so William would have to be born before 1625 and cannot therefore be another son of Robert. He cannot either be his brother, as Robert's brother William emigrated to America. Nothing more is known of William and Judith and they may be from a different more distant family.


Susan Cole married in 1670 so was probably born 1645/50 so she could be another daughter of Robert and Rachel, but Rachel of manningtree would then surely refer to her as her sister rather than kinswoman.  All other kinswomen were nieces so it seems likely that Susan was another niece, possibly . She could married John Blacksell the brother of Robert Blacksell who married Rachel of Manningtree also about 1670.  it seems probably therefore that two brothers married two sisters,  John & Susan baptised Mary 1675 and Robert 1677 at Gt Oakley