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Dr Geoffrey Mann



14 August 2006




HELSDON Family Summary


surname variants include  HELSDEN, HILSDON, ELSDEN, ELSDON  etc

18C Haverhill, Suffolk, Belchamps Otten, Essex



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7 Isaac HILSDON c1700? - ?

   m Martha WEBB 1729




6 Isaac HELSDON 1731-1768

   m Sarah HEYDON 1759




5 Elizabeth HELSDON 1765-?

   m Nathaniel MANN 1788



The family name originated from the parish of Hellesdon, 3 miles NW of Norwich where Henry de Hellesdon was nominated one of the keepers of the City of Norwich in 1272 (Blomfield's Norfolk vol3 p60)


The earliest known ancestor is Isaac HILSDON who married Martha WEBB at Haverhill in Suffolk in 1729


One of their sons also named Isaac became parish clerk at Belchamps Otten some 10 miles away in Essex.  The previous clerk there was Edmund ELSDON, but no connection is known between Isaac and Edmund.


Isaac’s daughter, Elizabeth, married Nathaniel MANN the Belchamp Otten blacksmith.









BARNARD Susannah (wid)     12Nov1788 Lt.Yeldham ESS              HelsT0   ELSDEN Hayden

CHATTERS Elijah                                                  HelsT0   HELSDON Elizabeth

GOYMER Mary                16May1698 Chedburgh SFK               HelsTCh  ELSDEN Robert

HEYDON Sarah                3Jul1759 Haverhill SFK               HelsT0   HELSDON Isaac

MANN Nathaniel             27Oct1788 Belchamps Otten ESS         HelsT0   HELSDON Elizabeth

MAY Cornelius              24Oct1767 Haverhill SFK               HelsT0   HELSDON Martha

SALISBURY Elizabeth        26Jun1727 Chevington SFK              HelsTCh  ELSDEN William

SMITH Alice                 4Oct1659 Chedburgh SFK               HelsTCh  ELSDEN Edmund

SOUTER Francis              7Dec1746 Chedburgh SFK               HelsTCh  ELSDEN Mary

WEBB Margaret               2Oct1726 Depden SFK                  HelsTCh  ELSDEN Robert

WEBB Martha                13Apr1729 Haverhill SFK               HelsT0   HELSDON Isaac






1.         B7. Baptism of Isaac Hilsdon


2.         B6. Was there any family connection between Edmund Elsden and Isaac Helsdon who were successive parish clerks at Belchamps Otten?


information from other researchers:

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