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14 August 2006


Dr G.M.W.Mann.     Baytrees

Burnhams Rd,   Lt.Bookham

Surrey, U.K.          KT23 3AU






GR(E)AVES Family Summary

18-19C Furneaux Pelham HRT, Langley ESS


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8 Thomas GRAVES c1720-1789

   m Ann ALBURY 1745 Furneaux Pelham



7 George GRAVES 1747-1827

   m  Jane MORRIS 1779 Meesden



6 Thomas GRAVES 1780-?

   m Catharine TOFTS 1797 Langley



5 Eliza GREAVES 1805-?

   m William CRANWELL 1828 Newport ESS




The earliest known ancestor is Thomas GRAVES who was married in the Hertfordshire village of Furneaux Pelham in 1745.


His son George moved 5 miles away to Langley in Essex.  Two more generations of the GR(E)AVES family lived there, all probably agricultural labourers.


A grand-daughter of George, Eliza, married William CRANWELL at Newport Essex in 1828 and went with him to Gt.Hormead in Hertfordshire.









ALBURY Ann                  9Feb1745 Furneaux Pelham HRT         GravT0  GRAVES Thomas

CRANWELL William           22Jan1828 Newport ESS                 GravT0  GREAVES Eliza

JOHNSON Jonathon            2May1774 Furneaux Pelham HRT         GravT0  GRAVES Amy

MORRIS Jane                     1770 Meesden HRT                 GravT0  GRAVES George [1]

MUNDAY Mary                10Oct1786 Furneaux Pelham HRT         GravT0  GRAVES George

NEGUS Sarah                20Feb1798 Langley ESS                 GravT0  GREAVES George

SELL Edward                    c1830 Langley ESS                 GravT0  GREAVES Sarah

THOROUGHGOOD William       23Apr1776 Furneaux Pelham HRT         GravT0  GRAVES Susannah

TOFTS Kitty                19Dec1797 Langley ESS                 GravT0  GREAVES Thomas


[1]    [banns recorded at Furneux Pelham]






1)     B8    Origin of Thomas GRAVES, born about 1720; lived in Furneaux Pelham HRT


2)     B6    Is the Thomas GRAVES who m Kitty TOFTS at Langley 19Dec1797 the same Thomas who was C there 28May1780?  He would have been only 17 and 7 months and 1st child not C until 1801, so not a forced marriage


3)     B5    What happened to Eliza GRAVES, wife of William CRANWELL?  Where and when did she die?