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30 Dec 2019


Dr. Geoffrey Mann

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GEORGE Family Summary

16-18C, Steeple Aston, Oxfordshire




  12 John GEORGE

       m Elizabeth  



  11 John GEORGE 1581-1668 blacksmith 

       m Elizabeth c1605 



  10 Robert GEORGE c1607-1675 blacksmith 

        m Isabel c1640



    9 Robert GEORGE c1640-1714  blacksmith

       m Ann c1684



   8 Martha GEORGE 1690-1759

   m Robert KING 1722 Bletchingdon blacksmith




The parish registers of Steeple Aston show that the George family was in the parish from at least 1540.   


The earliest confirmed ancestor is John George the blacksmith of the village.  He died in 1668 and in his will he left half his smith's shop and tools to his grandson Robert, together with boxes and coffers standing in the shop. The other half went to Robert's father also Robert,  on condition that he did not alter or diminish the boxes and coffers during his son's lifetime!


These three blacksmiths all lived through the civil war; perhaps because of this, no record of their marriages has been found


Robert's youngest daughter continued the tradition by marrying another blacksmith in a neighbouring village







BRODERTON Ann              13May1694 Stratton Audley OXF         KingT0  KING Thomas

DAVIS Elizabeth            18Apr1834 Kirtlington OXF             KingT0  KING Joseph

FORSTER John                5Nov1810 Bletchingdon OXF            KingT8  KING Ann

GEORGE Martha              26Apr1713 Steeple Aston OXF           KingT0  PAINE Edward

GILBERT Elizabeth          30May1790 Kirtlington OXF             KingT0  KING William

HADDON Margaret                     26Oct1696 Middleton Stoney OXF        KingT0  KING Thomas

LEE Elizabeth              18Mar1813 Bletchingdon OXF            KingT0  KING John

MARLOW John                18Nov1830 Bletchingdon OXF            KingT8  KING Sarah

MILLINGS Elizabeth          3Jul1742 Oxford St Mary Magdalen OXF KingT0  KING John

PAINE Martha (wid)         12Mar1722 Bletchingdon OXF            KingT0  KING Robert

PEAKE Martha               16Oct1750 Oxford St Mary Magdalen OXF KingT0  KING John

ROUSE Susannah             29Nov1786 Shipton-on-Cherwell OXF     KingT0  KING Robert

SMITH Margaret                       26Oct1696 Middleton Stoney OXF        KingT0  KING Thomas

SOANES George              27Dec1814 Forest Hill OXF             KingT0  KING Susannah

SOANES Stephen             12Mar1814 Forest Hill OXF             KingT0  KING Martha

TRAFFORD Mary               4Jan1748 Wendlebury OXF              KingT0  KING Richard

VENNIMOOR Mary             14Jan1727 Wendlebury OXF              KingT8  KING Thomas