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30 May 2009


Dr. Geoffrey Mann

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DUDLEY Family Summary

17-18C, Terling, Essex




7 Richard DUDLEY bc1665

   m Mary BROMLEY 1709





6 Richard DUDLEY 1718-1765

   m Elizabeth OSBOURN 1748





5 Elizabeth DUDLEY 1751-1824

   m Samuel WENDON 1785


Richard DUDLEY married Mary BROMLEY at Terling in 1709 and founded an extensive DUDLEY family at in the parish.  He was not a native of Terling however and his place of origin is not known.  At least three of his sons remained in the parish and headed family trees of their own. 


One of them, Richard, was a blacksmith who married Elizabeth OSBORN in 1748 and had three children in the parish.  Their second daughter Elizabeth married a widower, Samuel WENDON in 1785.   Although at one time, the overseers of the poor removed her and Samuel to Witham, she returned to Terling and was buried there in 1824. 



There is a family legend that the DUDLEYs descended from an illegitimate child of the “Earl of Dudley”.  Possibly this refers to Robert DUDLEY, Earl of Leicester favourite of Queen Elizabeth, since there is a tenuous connection between Terling and the Earl: chancellor Thomas AUDLEY (of Audley End 20 miles from Terling) had a daughter Mary baptised at Terling c1541; her sister Margaret, born c1540, married Henry DUDLEY, brother of the Earl when she was only 14.  But this is all 150 years before the birth of Richard and it seems unlikely that an illegitimate child would take the DUDLEY surname!   The curious similarity of DUDLEY and AUDLEY however might prove interesting.







BOICE (ROICE) Hannah       23Oct1821 Terling ESS                 DudlT6  DUDLEY Timothy

BRANN Martha Trigg         19Oct1841 Terling ESS                 DudlT6  DUDLEY Thomas

BROMLEY Mary               26Apr1709 Terling ESS                 DudlT0  DUDLEY Richard

COCKERTON Sarah             3Aug1802 Terling ESS                 DudlT6  DUDLEY William

DRAKE Sarah                13Aug1771 Terling ESS                 DudlT6  DUDLEY Thomas

GROUT Joseph                    1833 Ashford KEN                 DudlT6  DUDLEY Sarah

HURRIL Mary wid             5Oct1745 Terling ESS                 DudlT0  DUDLEY Thomas

MINOTT Elizabeth wid       22Jan1790 Hatfield Peveril ESS        DudlT6  DUDLEY William

OSBORN Elizabeth                1748 Boreham ESS                 DudlT0  DUDLEY Richard

RAMSEY Sarah               30Dec1805 Witham ESS                  DudlT6  DUDLEY Daniel

ROICE see BOICE Hannah

ROSE Sarah                 26Mar1744 Terling ESS                 DudlT0  DUDLEY George

SAUNDERS Charles S T            1866 Hobart Australia            DudlT6  DUDLEY Sarah Ann

SAUNDERS Em                    c1860 Australia                   DudlT6  DUDLEY George

TAYLOR Sarah                1Apr1766 Terling ESS                 DudlT6  DUDLEY George

THURGOOD Frances           10Mar1753 Terling ESS                 DudlT0  DUDLEY George

THURGOOD Joseph            30Dec1765 Terling ESS                 DudlT6  DUDLEY Sarah

TILBROOK Hannah            24Dec1776 Terling ESS                 DudlT6  DUDLEY John

VALENTINE Charles          22Apr1779 Terling ESS                 DudlT6  DUDLEY Hannah

WENDON Samuel              12Jul1785 Terling ESS                 DudlT0  DUDLEY Samuel

WOOD Susan                  9Dec1831 Terling ESS                 DudlT6  DUDLEY William

WORM M                         c1860 Australia                   DudlT6  DUDLEY Robert





1)       B7.  Origin of Richard DUDLEY, born around 1680, married at Terling in 1709