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13 October 2011


Dr. Geoffrey Mann

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DACKOMBE Family Summary

15-18C Dorset; 17-19C London


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The Dackombe family probably originated in Normandy, but the earliest British records show that in 1205 the family possessed the manor of Daccombe near Torquay in Devon. No doubt the family name was taken from this manor. Thomas Daccombe gave up the manor of Daccombe to Torre Abbey in Torquay and moved to the Isle of Wight where he possessed land in Chale in the south of the Island from 1227.  Later the family were at Carisbrooke and at Fairley near Newport and at Brading in the east of the Island.


Around 1370 John Daccombe of Brading bought the manor of Chilworth near Southampton and Thomas Daccombe, possibly his brother acquired the manor of Stepleton in Dorset by marriage. About one hundred years later, John Daccombe of Chilworth acquired the Stepleton manor and founded the Dackombe families of Stepleton, Corfe Castle, Blandford and Winterbourne Kingston in Dorset, from which modern families are probably derived.


Perhaps the most notable member of the family was Sir John Dackombe (c1570-1618) who was secretary to Robert Cecil, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and knighted by James 1 in 1617. A later member was Master of the Pewterer’s Company in London


Further information of the origin of the family and of the descendants of John of Stepleton can be found in two articles published in SDNQ in March and September 2011. More information particularly for 19th and 20th century descendants can be found on John Terry’s website.




16 John DACCOMB ?c1420-c1465  Chilworth Hants

      m Christian c1440?



15 John DACCOMB c1450-c1520? Steepleton, Dorset

     m Sybil POOLE c1480?



14 John DACKOMBE c1475-c1540? Blandford, Dorset

      m Joan



13 John DACKOMBE c1500-1555 Horton, Dorset

     m Jane



12 Richard DACKOMBE c1545-? Motcombe, Dorset

      m Alice MONNTIER 1567



11 Sir John DACKOMBE c1570-1618 London

      m Melior PITT (formerly MOHUN) c1592



10 John DACKOMBE 1607-1644 Edmonton, London

      m Mary HUDSON 1641



  9  Robert DACKOMBE 1644-1724 London

      m Mary WYKE c1680



  8 John DACKOMBE 1689-1728 Marchwiel, Denbigh

      m Margaret DAVIES 1712



  7 Aquila DACKOMBE 1719-1783 London

      m Jane WELLE 1740



  6 Aquila DACKOMBE1746-1819 London

      m Arabella CASTELL 1766



  5 Daniel DACKOMBE 1778-1843 London

      m Ann HARDING 1798



  4 Arabella DACKOMBE 1803-1832 London

      m Christopher BROOKBANKS 1821



John-16 was probably the grandson of John Daccombe of Brading, Isle of Wight, who acquired Chilworth manor around 1370


John-15, son of John of Chilworth, acquired Steepleton around 1470.  He had four sons; the eldest remained at Steepleton;  the second probably founded of the Corfe Castle branch of the family; a fourth son Henry founded families in Dorset and Lincoln. 


The third son, John-14, was at Blandford Forum and Horton in Dorset; he had a son John and a grandson Richard who moved to Motcombe in the same county.


Richard’s ambitious eldest son, John-12, was sent to London to study law, and became steward and secretary to Robert Cecil.  Later, he was knighted and appointed Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster by James I. 


Sir John died after only two years as chancellor, before he could amass any serious fortune.  His son John led a quiet life in London and his grandson, Robert, sought to prevent a descent into poverty by marrying an heiress, Mary Wyke.   Unfortunately, Mary incurred the displeasure of her mother and was disinherited from the bulk of her estate.  Ironically a large portion of this estate was eventually inherited by a descendant of Mary – Daniel Dackombe-5


Part of this estate consisted of property at Marchwiel in Denbighshire.  Robert’s son, John, lived at Marchwiel while attempting to claim ownership – which eventually failed. 


John’s son, Aquila, was apprenticed in London and set up as a pewterer, but was declared bankrupt in 1761.  His son also named Aquila, and also a pewterer, restored the family finances and in 1818 at the age of 71 he was elected master of the Pewterer’s company.


His son Daniel became a printer in South London and inherited a valuable estate of land in Ashtead Surrey from the mother of Mary Wyke.  At his death he divided his money between his surviving children.  His daughter Arabella however who had married a baker, Christopher Brookbanks, died before him aged only 29, and did not benefit from his will.







some dates are very approximate estimates


ARNOLD Susanna             10May1730 Piddletrenthide DOR         DackT14b DACKOMBE Stroude/Scrode

ASHLEY Elisabeth               <1565                             DackT14A PERCY George   

AUDLEY Lord John               <1562                             DackT14A DACKOMBE Katherine

BAILIE Jane                 1Nov1594 Astley Abbotts SAL          DackT14A DACKOMBE Robert

BAKER                          c1630?                            DackT14B DACKOMBE Edith 

BAKER Roger                 2Nov1636 Poole St James DOR          DackT14B DACKOMBE Ann   

BARDE Audrey wid               <1589                             DackT14C DACKOMBE William

BENT George                 2Jul1604 St Swithin Lincoln LIN      DackT14C DACKOMBE Margaret wid

BERNHARD Mary              13Nov1639 Dorchester Holy Trin DOR    DackT14B DACKOMBE Bruen 

BOONE Edward                   <1645                             DackT0   DACKOMBE Melior       

BROCKE William                 c1610                             DackT0   DACKOMBE Amy 

BRUEN Ann                  20May1615 St Saviour Southwark SRY    DackT14B DACKOMBE Edward

BUSHIE Samuel              15Apr1595 Coleby LIN                  DackT14C DACKOMBE Jane  

CARMAN Charles William         c1845                             DackT0   DACKOMBE Ann Maria

CASTELL Arabella           31Mar1766 St Mtthw Bethnal Green MDX  DackT0   DACKOMBE Aquila      

CHAFFIN Thomas                 <1562                             DackT14A DACKOMBE Joan  

CLAVERING Dorothy          27Mar1640 Piddlehinton DOR            DackT12  DACCOM Richard

COLSDON Elizabeth          22Jul1582 Iwerne Courtney DOR         DackT14A DACKOMBE William

COLTHURST Elizabeth        22Jul1582 Iwerne Courtney DOR         DackT14A DACKOMBE William

COSSDEY Elizabeth          22Jul1582 Iwerne Courtney DOR         DackT14A DACKOMBE William

COTTINGTON Silvester           c1592                             DackT14A DACKOMBE Robert    

CYFREWAST William              c1570                             DackT14B DACKOMBE Barbara wid   

DAVIES Margaret            21Feb1712 Gresford DEN                DackT0   DACKOMBE John         

DIRDO                          <1618                             DackT0   DACKOMBE Amy          

DUTTON Richard                 c1620 ?Astley Abbotts SAL         DackT14A DACKOMBE Mary  

ESTMOND                        <1618                             DackT0   DACKOMBE Dorothy       

EVANS Henry                    c1580                             DackT14A DACKOMBE Sibell

FENDICK Thomas             26Aug1821 St Mtthw Bethnal Green MDX  DackT0   DACKOMBE Hannah      

FOWLER William                 c1550?                            DackT14C DACKOMBE Margaret

FRAMPTON Elizabeth          5Nov1593 Moreton DOR                 DackT14A DACKOMBE William

FRAMPTON Walter             8Jun1578 Pimperne DOR                DackT0   DACKOMBE Jane          

GANE Ann wid                   <1588                             DackT14A GERRARD John   

GANE Henry                     c1580                             DackT14A DACKOMBE Ann   

GERRARD John                   <1588                             DackT14A GANE Ann wid    

GIBTHORPE Alice                c1530                             DackT14C DACKOMBE John  

GIGGERS                        c1640?                            DackT14B DACKOMBE Margery

GUISE Alice                    c1580                             DackTW   DACKOMBE John  

HALL Dorothy                4Jun1640 Steeple DOR                 DackT14B DACKOMBE Henry 

HALSWELL Joan                  c1530                             DackT0   DACKOMBE John

HARBINE Henry              11May1634 Poole St James DOR          DackT14B DACKOMBE Mary   

HARDING                        c1640?                            DackT14B DACKOMBE Eleanor

HARDING Ann                 4Nov1798 St Mtthw Bethnal Green MDX  DackT0   DACKOMBE Daniel

HARRISON Ann Elizabeth         c1840                             DackT0   DACKOMBE Aquila Richard

HARTGILL Ann                   c1550                             DackT14A DACKOMBE John   

HAVELLAND Margery          10Feb1608 Corfe Castle DOR licence    DackT14B DACKOMBE Henry 

HAWLEY Dorothy wid             c1560                             DackT14C DACKOMBE Henry 

HELE                           c1610                             DackT0   DACKOMBE Margaret     

HOLLOWAY Richard           22Aug1575 Sturminster Marshall DOR    DackT14B DACKOMBE Ann   

HORTON William                 c1580                             DackT14A DACKOMBE Margaret

HUDSON Mary                16Aug1641 St Peter, Pauls Wharf LND   DackT0   DACKOMBE John          

KEYNOCK Edward             13Jun1808 St Andrew by Wardrobe LND   DackT0   DACKOMBE Mary      

LIPPETRAT Thomas           15Apr1595 Coleby LIN                  DackT14C DACKOMBE Ann   

LOVEL Margaret                 c1550                             DackT14B DACKOMBE Robert       

LUKE Redman                 5Jun1654 Horton DOR                  DackT12  DACKOMBE Dorothy wid

LUPTON Thomas              19Jul1848 St Mary Newington SRY       DackT0   DACKOMBE Matilda

MADISON Edward                 c1550?                            DackT14C DACKOMBE     

MANBY William                  c1550                             DackT14C DACKOMBE Alice wid

MARTIN Prudence                <1623                             DackT14C DACKOMBE William

MEASURER Edith                 c1609                             DackT14B DACKOMBE George

METCALF Margaret            1Sep1591 St Peter Arches Lincoln LIN DackT14C DACKOMBE Henry

MOHUN Melior wid               c1592                             DackT0   DACKOMBE John        

MOHUN Robert                   c1588                             DackT0   PITT Melior    

MONNTIER Alice                 c1567                             DackT0   DACKOMBE Richard    

MOONE Melior                   c1610                             DackT0   DACKOMBE Nicholas      

MOORE Joan                     c1490                             DackT14A DACKOMBE Thomas  

MOORE Joan                 17Jun1583 Stoke Wake DOR              DackT12  DACKOMBE Francis

MORGAN Edward                  c1520                             DackT14A DACKOMBE Isabel

MORGAN Eleanor                 c1520                             DackT14A DACKOMBE John    

MORGAN? Christian              c1505                             DackT14C DACKOMBE Henry 

MORRIS                         <1562                             DackT14A DACKOMBE Elizabeth

MORTON Thomas              23Nov1633 Corfe Castle DOR licence    DackT14B DACKOMBE Mary   

MOSELY                         <1600                             DackT0   DACKOMBE Joan         

NEVILLE Henry               8Jul1614 St Mary Le Strand LND       DackT0   DACKOMBE Alice        

PARRY                          c1560                             DackT12  DACKOMBE Mary      

PARRY Joan wid                 <1600                             DackT12  POWNELL Ezekiel

PENNEY                         <1618                             DackT0   DACKOMBE Joan         

PERCY Elizabeth wid            <1565                             DackT14A DACKOMBE William

PITT Melior                    c1588                             DackT0   MOHUN Robert

PONTING Sarah                  c1840                             DackT0   DACKOMBE Robert 

POOLE Sybil                    c1460                             DackT0   DACKOMBE John

POWNELL Ezekiel                <1600                             DackT12  PARRY Joan wid  

PUNCHERTON John                c1520                             DackT14A DACKOMBE Agnes 

REEVES Mary                    c1610                             DackT12  DACKOMBE John   

RIDLEY                         c1620 ?Astley Abbotts SAL         DackT14A DACKOMBE Jane   

ROBSON Anne                    c1570?                            DackT14C DACKOMBE Henry 

ROOK Mary Ann                  c1825                             DackT0   DACKOMBE Daniel

SANDERS Richard                c1836                             DackT0   DACKOMBE Susannah Jane

SMITH Henry                 8Jul1614 St Mary Le Strand LND       DackT0   DACKOMBE Alice        

SPRING William             23Jny1604 Stoke Wake DOR              DackT12  DACKOMBE Sarah  

St LO Elizabeth                c1670                             DackT14B DACKOMBE Edward

STANTER John                   c1528                             DackT14B DACKOMBE Johanna

STROUD Elz                      1698 Vicar General licence       DackT0   DACKOMBE Henry

TITHERLY Mary                  c1570                             DackT14B DACKOMBE William

TREW Emme                      c1620                             DackT14B DACKOMBE Anthony

TREW John                      <1617                             DackT14B DACKOMBE Thomazine

TURNER Susan               16Feb1603 Corfe Castle DOR licence    DackT14B DACKOMBE Edward

TWYNHOE Barbara             4Feb1628 Turnworth DOR               DackT14B DACKOMBE Robert

WELLE Jane                 17Feb1740 Fleet Prison LND            DackT0   DACKOMBE Aquila     

WEYLAND Anna               28Jun1612 North Wootton DOR           DackTW   DACKOMBE John  

WIGSALL Felix              12Jun1626 Ringwood HAM                DackT14B DACKHAM  Em

WILLOUGHBY Elizabeth           <1571                             DackT14A DACKOMBE James 

WISEMAN J                      c1620?                            DackT14C YOUNG wid      

WOODWARD Katherine         25Jun1621 St Mary le Strand MDX lic.  DackT12  DACKOMBE George

WYKE Mary                      c1680                             DackT0   DACKOMBE Robert       

YOUNG                          <1618                             DackT0   DACKOMBE Frances      

YOUNG Christopher          22Jun1609 Winterbourne Kingston DOR   DackT14C DACKOMBE Elizabeth

YOUNG Elizabeth wid            c1620                             DackT14C WISEMAN J      

YOURE Katharine wid          Mar1599                             DackT12  DACKOMBE Henry  


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