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7 August 2010


Dr. Geoffrey Mann

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18-19C, Meesden, Brent Pelham, Gt.Hormead HRT




8 Joseph CRANVILLE c1710-1773

  m Dorothy c1735




7 Joseph CRANVILLE 1738-?

  m Mary JOHNSON 1769 Brent Pelham




6 Thomas CRANVILLE 1771-1847

  m Sarah FREEMAN 1797 Stocking Pelham




5 William CRANVILLE 1807-1886

  m Eliza GRAVES 1828 Newport Essex




4 Sarah CRANWELL 1835-1887

  m Thomas SHORT 1854 Stepney MDX


The CRANWELL or CRANVILLE family lived in a cluster of Hertfordshire villages on the border with Essex.


They were all probably agricultural labourers.  Joseph was born at the beginning of the 18C and lived in Meesden.


His son Joseph married Mary JOHNSON in 1769 in the next parish of Brent Pelham and stayed there.


Joseph's son, Thomas, married Sarah FREEMAN and moved one more parish to Gt.Hormead about 1800, and founded many CRANWELL families in this village.


One their son’s, William, was born and buried in Gt.Hormead.  He married three times, but the fate of his first wife Eliza, remains a mystery.  Eliza's daughter Sarah, however moved to London probably as a servant, and married Thomas SHORT at Stepney in 1854.









BAKER George               25Dec1894 Gt.Hormead HRT              CranT5A CRANWELL  Emily Jane

BAMBRIDGE Charles               1912                             CranT4  CRANWELL  Alice

BARDWELL Edmund            27Oct1866 Gt.Hormead HRT              CranT6  CRANWEL   Sarah

BIRD Nathaniel              2Jun1900 Gt.Hormead HRT              CranT5B CRANVILLE Mary Ann

BRETT Mary                  5Mar1853 Gt.Hormead HRT              CranT4  CRANWELL  Thomas

BURGESS Elizabeth           9Nov1878 Gt.Hormead HRT              CranT4  CRANWELL  George

CLARK L.C                       1936                             CranT4  CRANWELL  Bertha

CONEY Albert               24Dec1905 Bromley by Bow MDX          CranT4  CRANWELL  Sarah

FREEMAN Sarah              20Feb1797 Stocking Pelham HRT         CranT0  CRANVILLE Thomas

GINN Mary                   5Oct1839 Gt.Hormead HRT              CranT5A CRANWELL  Thomas

GRAVES Eliza               22Jan1828 Newport ESS                 CranT0  CRANWELL  William

HILLS William              13Nov1875 Gt.Hormead HRT              CranT5A CRANWELL  Sarah

JOHNSON Mary               23Oct1769 Brent Pelham HRT            CranT0  CRANVILLE Joseph

JOHNSON Fanny               6Jul1840 Gt.Hormead HRT              CranT6  CRANWELL  John

LAWRENCE Keziah            20Jan1855 Gt.Hormead HRT              CranT0  CRANWELL  William

MOULE Sarah                     1881 Stepney Holy Trinity MDX    CranT4  CRANWELL  William

PIGRAM Elizabeth            3Oct1807 Gt.Hormead HRT              CranT6  CRANWELL  John

RAND Ann                   10Dec1773 Berden ESS                  CranT0  CRANWELL  Thomas

SHORT Thomas               23May1854 Stepney Sp’flds Xchurch MDX CranT0  CRANWELL  Sarah

SMITH Elizabeth              Jul1824 Anstey HRT                  CranT5A CRANVILLE James

TOTTMAN Ann                 4Oct1832 Gt.Hormead HRT              CranT5B CRANWELL  Benjamin

WALTON Elizabeth            4Oct1845 Gt.Hormead HRT              CranT6  CRANWELL  John

WHEELER Ellen              24Apr1877 Gt.Hormead HRT              CranT0  CRANWELL  William

WHITE Fanny                10Oct1868 Gt.Hormead HRT              CranT5B CRANWELL  Benjamin

WICK Alice                 10Oct1885 Gt.Hormead HRT              CranT6  CRANWELL  Richard







1)       B8.  Origin of Joseph CRANVILLE, born about 1710, lived in Meesden


2)       B5.  What happened to William CRANWELL's first wife Eliza?  Died after 1838 and probably before 1841 but no burial or death certificate found; definitely dead before 1851