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28 January 2011


Dr. Geoffrey Mann

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BROOKBANKS Family Summary

17-20C Worcestershire & London


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9 Christopher BROOKBANKS c1620-1680

   m Mary

   [                                of Hanley Castle WOR



8 Christopher BROOKBANKS

   m Isabella

   [                                 of Madresfield WOR



7 Christopher BROOKBANKS 1695-1769

   m Mary NEED 1720 Worcester St Helen


   [                                       Seven Stoke


6 Christopher BROOKBANKS 1724-?

   m Ann c1760

   [                                      of Pendock WOR



5 Richard BROOKBANKS 1770-1852

   m Eleanor ASBURY 1803 at

   [                       St.Mary le Strand London



4 Christopher BROOKBANKS 1800-1836?

   m Arabella DACKOMBE 1821 at

   [                                  Blackfriars London



3 James BROOKBANKS 1831-1888

   m Elizabeth M A BRAY 1855 at

   [                           St.George East London



2 Helena Annie BROOKBANKS 1865-1945

   m Henry M BLEWETT 1886 Stepney London




Four generation of BROOKBANKS named Christopher are known who were all yeoman farmers in the parishes just south of Worcester.  Many of then left wills and inventories of their household goods and farming stock


The earliest known ancestor baptised his children at Hanley Castle from 1653.  His son Christopher was a yeoman of Madresfield, and his grandson Christropher moved to Seven Stoke.


The next Christopher moved to Pendock, but he died young and his five children were brought up elsewhere.


One of his sons, who was baptised Richard in 1770, left Worcester and set up as a baker in Seven Dials, London.  He married three times in London and outlived all three wives. They were all buried together in St Giles-in-the-Fields


Richard had a son Christopher who became a baker like his father and for a while worked in his father’s bakery, but then set up near the Elephant & Castle in South London.  He married Arabella from the wealthy Dackombe family, but she died at the age of 28 and Christopher died shortly after.


Christopher & Arabella had two sons.  One named Christopher Richard became a plumber and builder in North London.  The other, named James born 1831, became a bus conductor taking horse drawn buses over London Bridge.  He married the daughter of a dairyman in Stepney and later took over the dairy business.


His daughter Helena married Henry BLEWETT, a seaman, in 1886







BROOKBANKS Family Legend


My grandmother (Helena Annie BROOKBANKS-2) maintained that the BROOKBANKS were connected with the PENDRILL family.  The Pendrill family helped Charles II to escape from Britain after his defeat at the battle of Worcester in 1651.  Charles hid in the Pendrill’s house at Boscobel and in an oak tree in the grounds while the house was searched.   It seemed there was truth in the legend when I traced the family’s origin back to Worcestershire with a connection to Old Swinford just 15 miles from Boscobel, even though this was not known by my grandmother.


After the restoration of Charles in 1666, the Pendrills were rewarded by a grant of land in St Giles-in-the Fields, where Richard Pendrill has a grandiose tomb.  Richard Brookbanks left Worcestershire and set up as a baker in this same London parish.  He was also buried in St Giles-in-the-Fields along with his three wives.  Was this the Pendrill connection of which my grandmother boasted - that they both had tombs in the same churchyard? 


Despite these associations between the BROOKBANKs and Worcester, I have now found that the connection was through my grandmother’s maternal ancestry!  My grandmother’s mother was Elizabeth BRAY whose father Thomas BRAY married Mary PENDRILL at Camberwell St Giles in 1824.  The Worcestershire and St Giles PENDRILL connections are just coincidence after all.


BROOKBANKS around the World



Several members of the BROOKBANKS family have emigrated and raised families in other countries.  William BROOKBANKS, the son of the Baker of Seven Dials, emigrated to Philadelphia in 1842 and became a gas-fitter and naturalised American citizen.  I have no record of any descendants.


Two generations on, two sons of Christopher Richard, the builder of North London also emigrated.  Christopher Richard went to Canada and founded a large family around Windsor, Ontario.  Frank Warren went to New Zealand about 1885, and though he died young he also founded a large family in Auckland.   See the family tree T3


The latest known emigrant was Walter Herbert who emigrated to South Africa after world war 2 and founded his family there mainly in Pitermaritzburg.  See tree T2








ADCOCK Norman                  c1950                             BrooT2  BROOKBANKS Joan

ASBURY Eleanor             24Oct1803 St Mary-le-Strand MDX       BrooT0  BROOKBANKS Richard

BALLENGER Mary             24Sep1797 Claines WOR                 BrooT0  BROOKBANKS William

BENNETT William J          26Feb1927 West Ham ESS                BrooT2  BROOKBANKS Ellen Mary M

BLEWETT Henry Michael      11Jan1886 Stepney St Dunstan          BrooT0  BROOKBANKS Helena Annie

BRAY Elizabeth Mary Ann     2Dec1855 St George East MDX          BrooT0  BROOKBANKS James

CHALLENGER Rachel          13Jul1834 St Martin-in-the-Fields MDX BrooT0  BROOKBANKS Richard

CLARK Ann                  21Oct1830 Old Swinford WOR            BrooT0  BROOKBANKS William

CLARKE Sarah               22Jul1850 Chelmsford ESS              BrooT0  BROOKBANKS Ch’pher Richard

CRUDINGTON Elizabeth       26Apr1825 Kingswinford STS            BrooT0  BROOKBANKS William

CRUMP John                 10Sep1750 Worcester St Peter WOR      BrooT0  BROOKBANKS Mary

DACKOMBE Arabella          28Nov1821 Chr’church Blackfriars SRY  BrooT0  BROOKBANKS Christopher

DAY Elizabeth               2Sep1710 Worcester All Saints WOR    BrooT0  BROOKBANKS Richard

FITZDERALD Margaret             1925 Hampstead MDX               BrooT2  BROOKBANKS Herbert James

GAISFORD William           30Aug1822 Holborn St Andrew MDX       BrooT0  BROOKBANKS Eleanor

HAIRFIELD Emma E           17Feb1895 St Paul Bow Common MDX      BrooT2  BROOKBANKS Francis Edward

HALL Elizabeth             15Aug1713 Worcester All saints WOR    BrooT0  BROOKBANKS William

HALL John E                 6Nov1825 Westminster St James        BrooT0  BROOKBANKS Elizabeth

HARGRAVE Eleanor           14Dec1856 St Pancras Old Church MDX   BrooT0  BROOKBANKS Richard

HARRIS Annie Sara              c1905 Canada                      BrooT3  BROOKBANKS Richard F’rdick

HAYWOOD Marian Ellen          2q1882 Islington MDX               BrooT0  BROOKBANKS C’pher Richard

LAMASS Margaret               3q1894 Mile End MDX                BrooT0  BROOKBANKS Chr’pher Thomas

MARNS Miriam                    1884 St Pancras MDX              BrooT2  BROOKBANKS James

MORRIS Dinah               29Sep1782 Pendock WOR                 BrooT0  BROOKBANKS William

MORRIS Susan                    1974                             BrooT2  BROOKBANKS Peter    

NEED Mary                  20Feb1720 Worcester St Helen WOR      BrooT0  BROOKBANKS Christopher

NANGLE Martin               4May1830 Bloomsbury St George MDX    BrooT0  BROOKBANKS Isabella

ONION Emma                      1903                             BrooT2  BROOKBANKS Francis Edward 

PALFREY John               12Jul1694 Worcester St Martin WOR     BrooT0  BROOKBANKS Ann

PALMER Ann                     c1885 New Zealand                 BrooT3  BROOKBANKS Frank Warren

RANDLE Dorothy              4Dec1731 Worcester St Peter WOR      BrooT0  BROOKBANK William

RICHARDSON J                8Mar1803 Old Swinford WOR            BrooT0  BROOKBANKS Isabella

RUMFORD Hannah             23Nov1745 Worcester St Michael WOR    BrooT0  BROOKBANK William

SELLWOOD Emma                   1903                             BrooT2  BROOKBANKS Francis Edward   

SMITH Lavinia                   1884 St Pancras MDX              BrooT2  BROOKBANKS James

SOWLEY Jane                 8Jul1799 Claines WOR                 BrooT0  BROOKBANKS Caster(Christopher)

ROBERTS Rebecca            20Jun1830 St Paul Covent Garden MDX   BrooT0  BROOKBANKS Richard

STEVENS St John               4q1912 Lambeth SRY                 BrooT0  BROOKBANKS Florence

TAYLOR Elizabeth            5Nov1816 Kings Norton WOR            BrooT0  BROOKBANKS Christopher

TIPPING James               3Oct1714 Madresfield WOR             BrooT0  BROOKBANKS Isabella

TRUSTTUM Thomas               4q1882 Mile End MDX                BrooT0  BROOKBANKS Alice

TURNER Elizabeth            3Oct1721 Worcester St Martin WOR     BrooT0  BROOKBANK  William

TURNER Olive V                  1946                             BrooT2  BROOKBANKS Ch’pher Francis  

WEST John                  10Oct1849 Chelsea St Luke, MDX        BrooT0  BROOKBANKS Arabilla

WHITE Mavis D                   1952 Durban S.Africa             BrooT2  BROOKBANKS Walter Herbert

WOODWARD Ann               28Feb1819 St Giles-in-the-Fields MDX  BrooT0  BROOKBANKS Richard

WRIGHT Ethel                    1915 Harringay MDX               BrooT2  BROOKBANKS Ch’pher Francis



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3)       B7 Why is there a gap of 11 years between baptism of Christopher and Richard, both at Seven Stoke?;  where were Christopher & Mary buried?


4)       B6 marriage of Christopher to Ann not found c1765.  Where and when did Christopher-4 die?


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