Amis Amise Ames genealogy

10 Jan 2021


Dr. Geoffrey Mann

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AMIS(E) Family Ancestors

16-17C, Weeley and and Ramsey, Essex




13 Richard Amise ?1560-1631 Weeley



12 William Amis 1599-1632 Weeley

    m Grace Agish

11 William Amis 1632-1678 Ramsey
     m Elizabeth Cole
10 Elizabeth Amis 1671-1705 Ramsey
    m Philip Hempson


Richard Amis was a husbandman of Weeley in Essex as was his son William also


William's son William called himself a yeoman and settled in Ramsey after marrying the daughter of the vicarof the neighbouring parish


William and his wife both died young leaving daughter Elizabeth an orphan aged seven.


Elizabeth was brought up by her aunt in Manningtree and married  Roger Hempson a wealthy farmer and landowner of Ramsey