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12 William Amis

13 Richard AMIS ?1560-1631

2m Rachel DANYE 1605




William Amis was a yeoman of Ramsey when he died but he was probably born in the the neighbouring parish of Weeley in 1632 son of William and Grace


William married Elizabeth Cole at Great Oakley in 1670 where Elizabeth was the daughter of the vicar. They settled in Ramsey and baptised five children though two died in infancy


The disastrous year of 1678 saw the burial of William in April followed by the burial of his only son, 5 year old William, in July and the burial of his widow Elizabeth in November.  That left just two orphan children Mary and Elizabeth aged 6 and 7








26Nov1663 31
 7Jan1667 32
16Aug1670 38 25
 2Aug1671 39 26
18Jan1672 40 27
16Mar1673 41 28
 1Sep1675 43 30
 4Mar1677 45 32
12Apr1678 46 33
17Apr1678 46 33
 6Jul1678    33
 5Nov1678    33

?William bap at Weeley son of William & Grace
??m Mary Edwards at Ramsey
indicted at Chelmsford
m Elizabeth Cole at Great Oakley
dau Elizabeth C at Ramsey
dau Mary C at Ramsey
son William C at Ramsey
dau Rachel C at Ramsey bur 3Sep
dau Rachel C at Ramsey bur 27Mar
William signed last will
William bur at Ramsey
son William bur at Ramsey
widow Elizabeth bur at Ramsey





b=born m=married d=died

C=Christened   B=Buried


Richard was a husbandman of Weeley when he died in 1631 "very aged". His first known son was baptised in 1593 A birth around 1560-70 can be expected but no record of any sort has been found.


William-12 and his brother Lewis were baptised at Weeley in 1599 and 1606 sons of Richard Amise. The register contains the following additional records of Richard::

from Weeley parish register


C  4Nov1593   Richard s Richard Amise
C  6Jun1596   Anne    d Richard Amise
C  1Apr1599   Willm   s Richard Amise

B  1Jun1604   The Goodwyfe Amise
m 25Jan1604/5 Richard Ameyse & Rachell Danye

C 27Apr1606   Lewis s Rycharde Amys
C  2Nov1607   Henry s Richard Amise
C  3Dec1609   Rose d Richard Amise
C 19Jan1611/2 James s Richard Amisse

B  4Jun1631   Richard Amise the elder very aged
B 21Jan1634/5 Rachell Amise widdowe


So Richard had three children by his first wife and four more by his second wife Rachel. His will shows that they all survived childhood and that he was then wealthy enough to bequeath 186 in money to his children and five living grandchildren.

will of Richard Amise of Ramsey PROB11/160/504

Richard Amise the elder of Weleigh husbandman s 20May1631 p 20Oct1631
son Richard 5
son William 20
son Lewis 5
son Henry 5
son James 65 at 21
dau Anne Cowes 15
dau Rose Amise 60 within 1 year or at marriage
Martha Bowles 20s when her apprenticeship is accomplished
to my 5 grandchildren now living 40s each
rest to wife Rachel exec
wit: Jas Parkins, William Stowe

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