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11 William Amis

12 William AMIS 1599-1632

13 Richard Amis

m Grace AGISH 1628




William Amis was born in the parish of Weeley in Essex in 1599 and became a husbandman there like his father Richard.


He married Grace Agish at Weeley when he was 29 and baptised a daughter Margaret in 1630. His father died the next year leaving £20 to William


Grace became pregnant again, but William died before the child was born and was buried at Weeley aged 33.  His son was born three months later and baptised William








21Oct1628 29
 1Apr1630 31
16Mar1631 32
20May1631 32
 4Jun1631 32
 6Jan1632 33

William bap at Weeley son of Richard
m Grace Agish at Weeley
dau Margaret bap at Weeley
signed last will
father Richard signed his will leaving William £20
father Richard bur at Weeley
William buried at Weeley
son William bap at Weeley




b=born  m=married  d=died

C=Christened        B=Buried



William lived and died in Weeley and mentions his brother Lewis in his will of 1631.  This identifies them as sons of Richard Amis baptised at weeley in 1599 and 1606 respectively and mentioned in Richard's will of 1631:

from Weeley parish register

C  1Apr1599 Willm   s Richard Amise
C 27Apr1606 Lewis   s Rycharde Amys


William Amis-11 is believed to have been baptised in 1632 son of William & Grace at Weeley. The baptism is preceded by a suitable marriage to Grace Agish in 1628:

from Weeley parish register

m 21Oct1628   William Amis & Grace Agish
C  1Apr1630   Margaret d William & Grace Amis
B  6Jan1631/2 William Amis the elder married man
C 25Mar1632   William s William & Grace Amis

will of William Amis the elder, husbandman of Weeley

to my dau Margaret [inserted word --nx--s] a third of all my moveable goods at marriage or 18 to remain with my wife for the bringing up of said daughter. If my wife marries she shall enter sufficient bonds for the payment of the same portion unto my brother Lewis [Richard crossed out] Amise
rest to Grace my wife sole executor. Brother Lewis supervisor
witness: fa Parkinson David Fiske Richard Amise senior  signed 16Mar1630/1 proved 3Feb1632


William the elder was buried before his son William was baptised so not mentioned in the will. His father Richard senior witnessed the will and died himself 3 months later.   Grace may have been buried 19Jul1690 at Elmstead giving her a death age of about 82 (though a Daniel Amis was also buried there 2 days later and he has no known place in the Weeley family):


William the elder, implies a younger William in the parish of Weeley.  There were other Amis families there including this William who was probably William the younger.

m  8Jun1626   William Amis & Prudence True
C 15Apr1627   Marie d William & Prudence Amis
C  8Feb1628/9 William s William & Prudence
B 17Feb1630/1 William s William Amis
B 13Oct1656   Wm Ames married man


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