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10 Elizabeth Amis

11 William AMIS 1632-1678

12 William Amis

spouse's records

m Elizabeth COLE 1670




William Amis was a yeoman of Ramsey when he died but he was probably born in the neighbouring parish of Weeley in 1632 son of William and Grace


William married Elizabeth Cole at Great Oakley in 1670 where Elizabeth was the daughter of the vicar. They settled in Ramsey and baptised five children though two died in infancy


The disastrous year of 1678 saw the burial of William in April followed by the burial of his only son, 5 year old William, in July and the burial of his widow Elizabeth in November.  That left just two orphan children Mary and Elizabeth aged 6 and 7








26Nov1663 31
 7Jan1667 32
16Aug1670 38 25
 2Aug1671 39 26
18Jan1672 40 27
16Mar1673 41 28
 1Sep1675 43 30
 4Mar1677 45 32
12Apr1678 46 33
17Apr1678 46 33
 6Jul1678    33
 5Nov1678    33

?William bap at Weeley son of William & Grace
??m Mary Edwards at Ramsey
indicted at Chelmsford
m Elizabeth Cole at Great Oakley
dau Elizabeth C at Ramsey
dau Mary C at Ramsey
son William C at Ramsey
dau Rachel C at Ramsey bur 3Sep
dau Rachel C at Ramsey bur 27Mar
William signed last will
William bur at Ramsey
son William bur at Ramsey
widow Elizabeth bur at Ramsey





b=born  m=married  d=died

C=Christened        B=Buried



William married in 1670 so was born before 1650 and probably after 1630.  This covers the civil war 1642-49 when parish registers were often kept poorly. He was a yeoman of Ramsey when he died and the registers of Ramsey have survived from 1645 but his baptism was not recorded there. The first Amis baptism at Ramsey is that of William's daughter Elizabeth in 1671. The only earlier Amis records at Ramsey are the m of William Amis to Mary Edwards in 1663 and the burial of Elizabeth Amis in 1666.


It is quite possible therefore that William was baptised at Ramsey but the record has been lost.  On the other hand the total absence of any Amis records for 18 years between 1645 and 1663 suggests that William Amis was a newcomer to the parish. The only possible baptism found nearby was in the parish of Weeley about 6 miles away There were many 17th C Amis families recorded in Weeley and a William was baptised there to William & Grace Amis in 1632. This is rather early and gives a late marriage age of 38.  But he was described as a gentleman in his marriage record so unlikely to be a young man, and there is the earlier marriage of William Amis to Mary Edward in Ramsey which could be a first marriage aged 31.  Amis is a relatively uncommon surname so pending further evidence it will be assumed that William was baptised in Weeley in 1632

from Weeley parish register

C 25Mar1632   William s William & Grace Amis


Elizabeth Amis-10 was baptised at Ramsey in 1671 daughter of William and Elizabeth and this is preceded by a suitable marriage in the neighbouring parish of Great Oakley:


m 16Aug1670   Wm Amis gent & Eliz Cole spinster at Gt Oakley


If William was baptised in 1632, this marriage gives a late marriage age for William of 38. Perhaps he married firstly Mary Edward at Ramsey, though no record of the death of Mary is known and William was not described as a widower when he married in 1670. A first marriage could account for William's second daughter named Mary not Grace:


m 26Nov1663 William Amis & Mary Eduwards at Ramsey


William and Elizabeth baptised 5 children at Ramsey but only two survived infancy and childhood. In 1678 both William and Elizabeth and their son William died, leaving Elizabeth aged 7 and Mary aged 6 as orphans

from the Ramsey parish register:

C  2Aug1671   Elizabeth d Will  & Elizabeth Amis
C 18Jan1672   Mary      d Will  & Elizabeth Amis
C 16Mar1673   Willm     s Willm & Elizabeth Amis B  6Jul1678 Willm  s Willm & Elizabeth Amis
C  1Sep1675   Rachel    d Willm & Elizabeth Amis B  3Sep1675 Rachel d Willm & Elizabeth Amis
C  4Mar1676/7 Rachel    d Willm & Elizabeth Amis B 27Mar1677 Rachel d Willm & Elizabeth Amis

B 17Apr1678   Willm Amis

B  5Nov1678   Elizabeth Ames widow


Court Record


William Ames yeoman of Ramsey was in court at Chelmsford on 7Jan1667 charged with refusing to collect relief for the parish of Gt Oakley infected with the pestilence, as required by act of parliament

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